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Last Updated: Jul 13th 22:45

DateTimeUnits RespondingLocationDispatched as
07/10/0914:20All Companies87 Rte 17 North, Velocity 17Activated Alarm
07/10/0901:26All Companies346 Duvier Pl.Fire in Yard
07/09/0922:11All Companies119 E. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm
07/09/0913:42T17Rochelle Park, Ramada InnMutual Aid, Smoke Condition
07/09/0912:15E19Maywood PoolActivated Alarm
07/09/0912:02All CompaniesMaywood PoolActivated Alarm
07/08/0916:53All Companies121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm
07/08/0912:08T17131 Romaine Ave.CO Alarm
07/07/0919:47All Companies90 E. Fairmount Ave.Dryer Fire
07/07/0902:54T17Rochelle ParkMutual Aid
07/06/0915:50R23Rochelle ParkMutual Aid, MVA Extracation.
07/05/0900:30All Companies404 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm
07/04/0920:50R23162 E. Fairmount Ave.Assist EMS with a lift
07/02/0911:59All Companies661 Elm St.Activated Alarm.
07/02/0911:33All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/01/0915:52All Companies127 Lenox Ave.Activated Alarm
07/01/0913:36All Companies49 Grove Ave.Activated Smoke Alarm
07/01/0906:03All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm
06/30/0917:15All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm
06/29/0912:41All Companies125 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Natural Gas
06/27/0917:45All Companies216 Cummings Ave.Activated Fire Alarm
06/25/0922:47All Companies116 W. Central Ave.Possible Ceiling Fan Fire
06/25/0920:46All Companies216 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm
06/23/0922:42All CompaniesLodiMutual Aid, Request for Relief Crew.
06/23/0917:32E19LodiMutual Aid, Standby in Hdqrs.
06/19/0903:30All Companies132 Beech St.Possible Electrical Fire
06/18/0915:39E18 & E1915 Park Ave.Trouble Alarm
06/18/0912:02All Companies24 - 34 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm
06/17/0906:32All Companies423 Esplanade.Activated Alarm
06/16/0922:07All Companies476 Latham St.Odor of Natural Gas
06/15/0900:01All Companies53 E. Fairmount Ave.Smell of Smoke
06/12/0911:32R23727 Palmer Ave.Assist EMS with a lift
06/11/0920:41T1799 Grove Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
06/11/0915:07All Companies25 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/07/0914:05All Companies24 - 28 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm
06/06/0918:30All Companies137 Rte. 17 NorthActived Fire Alarm
06/06/0916:09All Companies115 E. Passaic St.Possible Electrical Fire
06/06/0913:02All Companies75 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Fire Alarm
06/04/0914:45E19LodiWorking House Fire
06/02/0912:03E1930 W. Hunter Ave.Truck into a pole
05/30/0918:16All Companies83 Rte. 17 NorthActivated Fire Alarm
05/29/0914:58All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Water Flow Alarm
05/28/0900:13E18W. Passaic & LathamOdor of Natural Gas
05/25/0904:14All Companies748 Oak Ave.Smell of smoke
05/22/0912:52T177 Buckingham Ct.CO Alarm
05/21/0914:54All Companies187 Rte 17 NorthActivated Alarm
05/20/0910:11All Companies65 Hammell Pl.Activated Alarm
05/20/0902:55T1729 W. Passaic St.CO Alarm
05/18/0910:47All Companies823 Palmer Ave.Odor of Gas
05/16/0919:30All CompaniesBergen Town CenterCar leaking gasoline
05/15/0906:47T17ParamusMutual Aid, Stand by
05/13/0914:47T17ParamusMutual Aid, House Fire
05/11/0923:33All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Fire Alarm
05/10/0902:00T1732 E. Fairmount Ave.CO Alarm.
05/09/0916:16E18LodiMutual Aid
05/05/0920:19All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Water flow alarm
05/04/0909:50All Companies216 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm
05/03/0911:15All Companies553 Elm St.CO Alarm
05/02/0922:18R2315 Park Ave.Smell of smoke
05/02/0919:54R23727 Palmer AveAssist First Aid Squad
05/02/0908:13E19Maywood PoolLeaf fire
04/30/0913:32All Companies888 Maywood Ave.Police Assist
04/28/0912:02E18, E19Maywood & PleasantCar Fire
04/20/0915:12T17Rochelle ParkMutual Aid
04/20/0916:47All Companies112 E. Central Ave.House Fire
04/21/0911:42All Companies337 Concord Drive.Activated Alarm
04/21/0916:52E18, E19Rte 17 North.Motor Vehicle Accident
04/23/0906:42All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm
04/23/0911:58All Companies701 Maywood Ave.Actived Alarm
04/23/0913:33All Companies248 - 250 Prospect Ave.Actived Fire Alarm
04/19/0901:58All Companies220 Maywood Ave.Working house fire
04/16/0915:00All Companies104 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm
04/16/0914:17All Companies738 Lincoln Ave.Activated Residental Alarm
04/14/0918:27R23727 Palmer Ave.Assist First Aid Squad with a lift
04/10/0910:29All CompaniesBorg's WooodsMissing person search
04/03/0917:36All Companies87 Rte 17 N. - Velocity 17Activated Alarm
04/02/0902:32T17301 Esplanade.Activated CO Alarm
04/02/0919:02All Companies104 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm
03/31/0919:02R23727 Palmer Ave.Assist First Aid Squad with a lift
03/31/0911:47T17Rochelle Park, Ramada InnMutual Aid, Activated Alarm
03/27/0917:29All Companies789 Maywood Ave.Audible Fire Alarm
03/27/0916:08All Companies721 Briarcliff Ave.Activated Fire Alarm
03/27/0913:49T1722 Terrace Ave.Activated CO Alarm
03/26/0918:39All Companies65 W. Passaic St.Activated Residental Fire Alarm
03/26/0908:33T17Rochelle Park, 75 W. Passaic St.Mutual Aid, Smoke on 7th Floor
03/21/0913:37All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Fire Alarm. Lobby smoke detector
03/20/0908:18All Companies661 Palmer Ave.Activated Fire Alarm
03/18/0917:61E18, E19E. Spring Valley & Paterson.Fuel spill.
03/14/0922:43All Companies157 Van Cleve St.Smell of smoke
03/09/0917:48All Companies112 E. Spring Valley Ave.Dryer fire
03/09/0915:33T17Rochelle ParkMutual aid
03/07/0905:46E19SearsVehicle fire
03/07/0912;55T17747 Wyoming Ave.CO alarm
03/06/0914:20All Companies228 Maywood Ave.Odor of gas
02/27/0910:05T17Rochelle ParkMutual Aid
02/25/0916:18E18HackensackMutual Aid
02/21/0902:35All Companies50 Belle Ave.Alarm off
02/17/0912;55All Companies25 W. Pleasant AveAlarm off
02/15/0908:07All CompaniesRedeemer ChurchCO alarm
02/14/0911:07All Companies468 Latham St.odor of gass
02/13/0911:36T17Rochelle ParkMutual Aid
02/12/0918:30All Companies25 E. Spring Valley Ave.Odor of something burning
02/12/0915:33R23Rochelle Park, Route 17Extrication
02/12/0908:35E19, FPAckerman AveWires down
02/12/0908:17E19, FP63 Maywood Ave.Wire pulled from house
02/10/0916:01T17401 W. Central Ave.Water in basement
02/09/0914:03T17Rochelle ParkHeater fire
02/04/0911:46T1714 Pleasant Ct.CO alarm
02/04/0908:53T17Rochelle ParkSmoke in building
02/03/0920:05T171 Elizabeth Ct.CO alarm
02/02/0910:46All Companies
Rochelle Park engine
243-247 W. Passaic St.Smoke in building
02/02/0909:00T17647 Lincoln Ave.Water in basement
02/01/0922:50All CompaniesArea of 360 Concord Dr.Smell of smoke
01/27/0912:53T17113 W. Essex St.Trouble alarm
01/26/0906:04All Companies65 Thoma Ave.Smoke in basement
01/25/0907:23All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Alarm off
01/25/0906:27T17Rochelle ParkMutual Aid
01/24/0918:13T17, E1995 E. Essex St.Water condition
01/23/0923:19All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Alarm off
01/23/0918:00E18ParamusMutual Aid, Standby Co. 4 Firehous
01/22/0915:26T17Rochelle Park, 375 W. Passaic St.Mutual Aid
01/22/0920:09All Companies127 E. Passaic St.Alarm off
01/22/0907:25T17342 Golf Ave.CO alarm
01/20/0922:56All Companies205 E. Hunter Ave.Alarm off
01/18/0918:22All Companies113 W. Essex St.Alarm off
01/18/0911:40All Companies333 Golf Ave.Smoke condition
01/18/0901:47All Companies
Mutual aid
332 Golf Ave.Working house fire
01/17/0909:47All Companies146 Locust Ave.CO alarm
01/16/0908:47All Companies653 Wyoming Ave.Coffee maker on fire
01/14/0915:00T17Rochelle ParkMutual Aid
01/13/0921:29All Companies81 W. Pleasant Ave.Alarm off
01/11/0913:45T17371 Golf Ave.CO alarm
01/10/0908:39All Companies43 W. Pleasant Ave.Smoke in basement
01/10/0906:32E18HackensackMutual Aid, Standby at Central
01/09/0915:57All Companies133 Hartwich St.Smeel of kerosene
01/09/0915:39All Companies126 Hartwich St.Alarm off
01/09/0908:11T1796 Parkway, Rochelle ParkMutual aid, smoke condition
01/06/0913:21All Companies127 E. Passaic St.Alarm off
01/05/0916:15All Companies527 Palmer Ave.Odor of gas
01/05/0913:16All CompaniesMaywood Ave. SchoolAlarm off
01/04/0901:07T17168 W. Passaic St.Burst pipe
01/02/0920:33T17837 Palmer Ave.Water condition
01/02/0918:00All Companies56 Demarrest Pl.Alarm off
01/01/0913:49T17665 Wyoming Ave.CO Alarm
01/01/0910:38T17181 Central Ave.Water in basement