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Rescue 23 is under the command of a Captain and Lieutenant who are the officers in charge of the rescue company. For a firefighter or officer to get assigned to a rescue, he or she must be off of probation, a member in good standing within their individual company, attend specialized training, and required to make forty percent of Rescue drills for one year. The member will then go through a trial period in which he will be evaluated on many fire and emergency situations and tools. At the end of the period, the Engineer and Assistant Engineer will then make the decision on whether or not to accept the member as a rescue member.

The members of this unit are not only professional firefighters, but are capable of operating at building collapses, rigging, shoring, confined space operations, elevator rescues, train incidents, automobile accidents for use of their Hurst Tools for extrication, and hazardous materials incidents. Rescue 23 also responds to second alarm and above fires in the City of Hackensack and throughout the mutual aid group for air cascade support during working fires.

Rescue Company 23 is capable of performing various kinds of tasks at operations. The equipment that is carried on the rescue truck consists of a wide variety: The HURST System, Paratech air bag system, Geiger Counter and Dosimeters, a Chain Saw, Three Circular Saws (wood, metal, masonry) and accessories, Air Hammers by Paratech, a Winch, Telescoping Lights, wood cribbing, Stokes Basket and Long boards, first-aid equipment and resuscitators, on board generator with a host of electric components, an Oxygen Cascade System, and several hand tools such as for forcible entry. This is only a glimpse of what the rescue truck carries.

Rescue 23
Rescue 23 Members

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