Borough of Maywood
Volunteer Fire Department

Peerless Engine Company

On April 14, 1908, an historical meeting was held for the purpose of organizing a fire company in the Borough of Maywood. At the time, the fire company was named Peerless Hose Company #2 and was located in a garage located next to Charles Cumberland's farm on West Central Avenue.
At the time, the firefighters used a hand-drawn hose cart which held 2 1/2" hose on a reel. The cart had two nozzles and a metal basket on top for miscellaneous equipment.

This photograph shows the company members posing outside the garage with their equipment and hose cart. Front row- Lt. Chas Cumberland, Chief John William Norton, Capt. Otto Mehlin
2nd row- Unknown, Anthony Meyer, (3) Ed Freudenvoll, (4) Fred Schwere, (5) Unknown, (6) Alvin Applegate, (7) Unkown, (8) Robert Guetz
3rd row- All unknown

The first motorized fire apparatus in the Borough of Maywood. It is a 1913 Overland chassis which, after much discussion, funding, and work by members of the company, was converted and turned over to the Borough of Maywood for fire service. (Left to Right) Herman Mehlin, EJ Freudenvoll (driving), John Schwartz, Judge Romaine, Jack Masters, last two unknown.

1923 Reo, donated by Stepan Company. The truck was built by REO Motor Vehicles. REO stands for R.E. Olds, the man who first made Oldsmobiles. Olds started the REO line after leaving the Oldsmobile Company when it was bought by General Motors in 1904.
Firefighters of the day gave the truck the moniker of "Speed Wagon", because it was one of the fastest firetruck made.

1934 American LaFrance

Then the 1954 American LaFrance Spartan 1000 g.p.m. pump was placed into service. This was one of the first fire trucks to carry self contained breathing units, as seen in the boxes behind the driver. (driving) Henry Koster, Chief 1954-1959, 1973-1977

Then in 1975, the company designed this Howe 1250 GPM Pumper. The engine had a center mount pump, which benefits the driver by placing them up out of the roadway safely away from any traffic, plus it puts them in full view of the fire scene. In 1991, this apparatus was the first in Maywood to be supplied with 5" supply hose and 1 3/4" attack lines, which afterwards became the standard of the department.

The 1975 Howe was sent to the L.T.I. Company in 1993, and with using the old motor, transmission, rear and pump was made into the "Glider Kit" engine seen below.
This apparatus was the company's first enclosed cab, keeping the firefighters inside while responding to fire calls. As well as maintaining the 1250 pump, it featured a "Fecon" foam system which allowed firefighter to utilize firefighting foam instantly by simply opening a valve and introducing foam concentration into the hose lines.

Our current engine is a 2008 Pierce Arrow. Again, the Company kept with the center mounted pump after finding many positive factors with it. This engine now carries a "Husky" foam system, capable of supplying hose lines with a foam concentrated mixture. The engine has five pre-connected 1 3/4" and one 2 1/2" pre-connected attack lines.

On June 21st of 2008, the Company held their 100 Year Anniversary Celebration and Wetdown. The success of this celebration was due to the countless hours of time put in by the members of Peerless, past members and family. After the celebration was over, we clearly had held a successful event. 16 different towns attended with roughly 1000 people attending. While strangers and departments from as far away as New York State, Morris County, and South Carolina attended, we also had our mutual aid partners put on a strong show of support.

Peerless Wetdown Media

Engine 19 Members

Assistant Chief
Joseph Mellone
Christopher Tuttle
Jeffrey Giordano

John Buskiewicz
Jason Caffrey
Frank Cilento
John Gargagliano
Jeffrey Giordano
Herman Hoeschele
Herman Hofmann
Thomas Kavanagh
Wayne Kuss
William McDonald
Arthur Miller
Mark Pavlik
David Pegg
John Pohts
Bryan Reinhardt
Brian Rubio
Jay Schlossareck
Thomas Tuttle