Borough of Maywood
Volunteer Fire Department


Last updated: Jun 28th 21:32

Date TimeUnits RespondingLocationDispatched as
06/28/2017 16:52All Companies837 Grant Ave.Smoke in Structure.
06/27/2017 16:10E19Mutual Aid to Garfield.
06/26/2017 08:43E18,E19,Rochelle ParkRte. 17 North.Car Fire.
06/24/2017 20:04All CompaniesArea Ramapo & Central.Smoke in Area.
06/24/2017 12:20All Companies652 Elm St.Odor of Smoke.
06/22/2017 15:25T17,R2351B E. Essex St.Activated CO Alarm.
06/21/2017 11:32All Companies44 E. Hunter Ave.Gas Leak.
06/19/2017 19:22E19Maywood & CentralArcing Traffic Light.
06/19/2017 06:02All Companies95 Locust Ave.Odor of Gas.
06/18/2017 10:30T17Queen of Peace ChurchActivated CO Alarm.
06/13/2017 23:29E18Parkway & Palmer.Smoke Condition.
06/13/2017 18:29T17874 Grant Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
06/10/2017 07:10E18Oak Ave.Possible Transformer Fire.
06/09/2017 11:56T17848 Grant Ave.Investigate Alarm.
06/08/2017 11:41All Companies624 Palmer Ave.Gas Leak.
06/05/2017 19:04All Companies24 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/05/2017 08:48E18,E1945 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Gas.
06/05/2017 02:39All CompaniesMaybrook GardensActivated Alarm.
06/04/2017 20:55All Companies808 Oak Ave.Electrical Fire.
06/02/2017 17:47E18Bergen Town Center.Brush Fire.
05/30/2017 20:07T1756 Terrace Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
05/29/2017 17:47All Companies234 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/29/2017 11:17All Companies565 Wyoming Ave.Shed Fire.
05/28/2017 10:22E18,R23Passaic & PalmerGasoline Spill.
05/27/2017 20:26All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm, Smoke.
05/27/2017 18:39All Companies78 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm, Smoke.
05/27/2017 16:43All Companies739 Wyoming Ave.Odor of Smoke.
05/26/2017 21:07All Companies653 Elm St.Smoking Outlet.
05/25/2017 23:26All Companies639 Rte 17 N.Activated Alarm.
05/25/2017 21:14E19,R23Maywood & Essex St.MVA.
05/25/2017 11:06All Companies689 Coles St.Odor of Gas.
05/24/2017 07:47T17Mutual to Paramus.Standby.
05/23/2017 09:12T1794 Locust Dr.Activated CO Alarm.
05/22/2017 16:04T17145 Cedar Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
05/22/2017 10:18All Companies132 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/20/2017 09:43T1720 E. Fairmount Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
05/18/2017 11:58All Companies216 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/13/2017 12:03All Companies471 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/11/2017 02:45E18445 Hill St.Odor of Smoke.
05/10/2017 22:58E19105 Romaine Ave.Odor of Gas.
05/08/2017 21:48All Companies662 Garden St.Odor of gas.
05/07/2017 05:55All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm..
05/06/2017 08:08E191 Maywood Ave.Investigate Alarm System.
05/06/2017 05:12All Companies1Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/05/2017 14:06E19148 Lenox Ave.Water Condition.
05/05/2017 13:50All Companies125 W. Pleasant Ave.Water Condition.
05/05/2017 13:21T1752B E. Essex St.Activated CO Alarm.
05/05/2017 10:38All Companies234 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/04/2017 12:00All Companies234 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/04/2017 10:23E1815 Park Ave.Smoldering Fire.
05/01/2017 16:29R23735 Briarcliff Ave.Lift Assist.
04/30/2017 11:56All Companies75 E. Fairmount Ave.Odor of Gas.
04/29/2017 21:01All Companies78 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/26/2017 18:05All Companies456 Poplar Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/19/2017 11:35All Companies78 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/18/2017 06:32E18,E19Passaic & StoneOdor of Gas.
04/17/2017 18:56All Companies12 Orchard Pl.Odor of Gas.
04/16/2017 08:13E19Area Demarest Pl.Possible Transformer Fire.
04/13/2017 17:25All Companies58 Lafayette Ave.Possible Kitchen Fire.
04/11/2017 04:01E19Mutual Aid to Saddle Brook.Standby.
04/10/2017 18:56E19, R23Maywood & Magnolia.Gasoline leak.
04/08/2017 13:06All Companies18 Demarest Pl.Interior Structure Fire.
04/04/2017 08:31E18,E19459 Maywood Ave.Water Condition.
04/04/2017 03:53All Companies770 Maybrook Dr.Activated Alarm.
04/03/2017 18:31All Companies130 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
04/03/2017 09:30All Companies726 Grant Ave.Odor of Gas.
04/01/2017 17:47All Companies38 E. Hunter Ave.Odor of Gas.
04/01/2017 15:10T17107 W. Central Ave.Pump Out.
03/30/2017 18:08All Companies61 E. Fairmount Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/26/2017 17:01All Companies121 Romaine Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/25/2017 22:45All Companies472 Bergen Ave.Odor of Smoke.
03/25/2017 22:23All Companies200 Zuber Pl.Odor of Smoke.
03/21/2017 17:03E18,E19Esplanade and E. MagnoliaTransformer Fire.
03/21/2017 13:41All Companies15 Park Ave.Odor of Something Burning.
03/20/2017 21:12All CompaniesOak Ale House.Activated Alarm.
03/20/2017 18:19All Companies728 Coles St.Activated Alarm.
03/20/2017 09:37All Companies + Rochelle Park230 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
03/18/2017 14:59E1815 Park Ave.Trouble Alarm.
03/18/2017 00:59All CompaniesBergen & W. Passaic St.Smoke Condition.
03/16/2017 04:56All Companies704 Oak Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/15/2017 19:38T17131 Stewart St.Activated CO Alarm.
03/15/2017 07:54All Companies77 Rte. 17 N.Odor of Gas.
03/14/2017 17:19All Companies83 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/14/2017 12:04All Companies83 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/13/2017 18:54All Companies151 Hartwich St.Kitchen Fire.
03/10/2017 21:49All Companies120 Park Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/10/2017 13:08E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 70 W. Passaic St.
03/09/2017 15:35E18, E19Essex & Rte. 17Possible Semi Fire.
03/05/2017 14:23All Companies153 Washington Ave.Odor of Gas.
03/03/2017 17:23All Companies108 Stelling Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/02/2017 17:14E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle ParkOdor of Gas.
03/02/2017 12:37All Companies480 Hill St.Odor of Gas.
02/28/2017 14:12All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/27/2017 17:49All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Water Flow Alarm
02/25/2017 18:35All Companies5 Parkway.Activated Alarm.
02/24/2017 20:10All Companies51B E. Essex St.Unknown Odor in Apt.
02/24/2017 19:11All Companies205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/24/2017 08:41E18,E19Hammell & Maybrook.Smoking Vehicle.
02/22/2017 06:53All Companies113 W. Essex St.Odor of Smoke.
02/20/2017 17:49All Companies51B E. Essex St.Odor of Something Burning.
02/20/2017 17:20T17Mutual Aid to Elmwood ParkStandby.
02/20/2017 15:31All Companies25 E Spring Valley Ave.Brush Fire.
02/20/2017 09:45All Companies346 Duvier Pl.Activated Alarm.
02/18/2017 11:19E18Bergen & W. PleasantSmoking Vehicle.
02/16/2017 00:48All Companies34 Maybrook Dr.Activated Alarm.
02/13/2017 08:17T17Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 96 Parkway.Activated Alarm.
02/11/2017 11:26All Companies34 Maybrook Dr.Activated Alarm.
02/11/2017 05:24All Companies34 Maybrook Dr.Activated Alarm.
02/10/2017 01:13All Companies175 E. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm, Smoke Condition.
02/09/2017 23:41All Companies87 Grove Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/09/2017 18:53All Companies44 Beech St.Odor of Gas.
02/09/2017 00:43All Companies133 Thoma Ave.Boiler Malfunction.
02/08/2017 10:39T17Mutual Aid to Paramus, 37 W. Pleasant Ave.Car Fire.
02/08/2017 10:34T17Mutual Aid to Paramus.Standby.
02/05/2017 11:30All Companies693 Elm St.Activated Alarm.
02/05/2017 11:01All Companies464 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/04/2017 05:44All Companies704 Oak Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/03/2017 16:34All CompaniesPalmer & MendezOdor of Gas.
01/31/2017 21:02T17304 Prospect Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
01/27/2017 18:11All Companies75 Parkway.Furnace Malfuction.
01/24/2017 13:18E18, E1915 Park Ave.Activated Trouble Alarm.
01/23/2017 23:26All Companies3 Elizabeth Ct.Activated Alarm.
01/23/2017 23:22All Companies51 E. Essex St.Odor of Something Burning.
01/23/2017 07:42T17100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
01/23/2017 05:34E1815 Park Ave.Activated Trouble Alarm.
01/22/2017 17:35All Companies41 Golf Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/21/2017 06:48T17100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
01/19/2017 17:12T17100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
01/18/2017 12:51All Companies81 Thoma Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/17/2017 15:07All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/16/2017 18:13All Companies842 Edel Ave.Run Away Boiler.
01/15/2017 18:53All Companies14 Locust Dr.Odor of Gas.
01/15/2017 18:39All Companies159 Locust Dr.Odor of Gas.
01/15/2017 10:02All Companies203 Stone St.Smoke Condition.
01/14/2017 09:49T17100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
01/08/2017 19:48T17Mutual Aid to Elmwood Park.Standby.
01/08/2017 09:56E18853 Paterson Ave.Odor of Gas.
01/04/2017 18:59All CompaniesRte. 17 N.Activated Alarm.
01/03/2017 07:43E19Possible Transformer Fire.
01/01/2017 18:56All Companies23 E. Central Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/01/2017 12:42All Companies45 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/31/2016 20:26R23Collingwood Ave.Lift Assist.
12/28/2016 16:45All CompaniesBrook and HergersellActivated Alarm.
12/28/2016 14:51E18Spring Valley Ave. & Paterson.Smoking Car.
12/27/2016 11:43All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/25/2016 17:13All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/24/2016 09:34All Companies32 Demarest Pl.Odor of Gas.
12/22/2016 16:20All CompaniesPassaic Ct.Activated Alarm.
12/22/2016 13:45All CompaniesPassaic Ct.Activated Alarm.
12/20/2016 20:10E18, E19, R23, RP, HackensackMaywood & Spring Valley Ave.MVA with Entrapment.
12/18/2016 13:49All Companies182 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/17/2016 19:31All Companies160 Maywood Ave.Odor of Gas.
12/16/2016 09:52All Companies905 Briarcliff Ave.Odor of Gas.
12/14/2016 21:56T1751 B Essex Ct.Activated CO Alarm.
12/14/2016 15:41E18,E1978 W. Pleasant Ave.Possible Car Fire.
12/13/2016 14:34T17360 Concord Dr.Activated CO Alarm.
12/08/2016 06:21All CompaniesRte 17 N.Activated Alarm.
12/07/2016 15:59E18, E19Maywood & HunterCar Fire & MVA.
12/02/2016 07:45All Companies729 Briarcliff Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/02/2016 07:45All Companies729 Briarcliff Ave.Activated Alarm.2016/11/30 15:26
11/29/2016 17:27All Companies38 Coolidge Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/29/2016 14:26All CompaniesMaywood & Magnolia.Odor of Gas.
11/29/2016 14:11E18, E19Maywood & Magnolia.Odor of Gas.
11/29/2016 00:50R23150 E. Passaic St.Lift Assist.
11/28/2016 09:34T17255 W. Spring Valley Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
11/25/2016 00:08All CompaniesElizabeth Ct.Activated Alarm.
11/24/2016 13:57All Companies154 Thoma Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/24/2016 13:17All Companies19 Buckingham Ct.Activated Alarm.
11/24/2016 09:59All Companies122 W. Pleasant Avel.Kitchen Fire.
11/24/2016 01:18All Companies61 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/23/2016 09:25All Companies52 Cedar Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/22/2016 11:32All Companies234 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/19/2016 15:32T17173 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
11/18/2016 20:12E18Spring Valley Rd. & Spring Valley Ave.Smoke Condition.
11/17/2016 16:52All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/15/2016 08:38All Companies868 Oak Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/14/2016 17:16E19Maywood Pool.Odor of Gas.
11/14/2016 09:41T17Mutual Aid to Paramus.Structure Fire.
11/09/2016 23:38FPSpring Valley Rd & Spring Valley Ave.MVA Assist.
11/09/2016 03:35All Companies946 Spring Valley RoadActivated Alarm.
11/06/2016 10:21All CompaniesMaywood Pool.Tree Fire.
11/05/2016 19:44All Companies34 Maybrook Dr.Activated Alarm.
11/04/2016 14:38All Companies129-135 Hammell Pl.Activated Alarm.
11/04/2016 14:34E18,E19Oak & Passaic.Car Fire.
11/02/2016 07:21All Companies113 W. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
10/30/2016 02:13All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Burning Odor.
10/29/2016 21:20All Companies137-151 Hammell Pl.Activated Alarm.
10/26/2016 21:56All Companies336 Concord Dr.Odor of Gas.
10/26/2016 08:24R23Mutual Aid to Rochelle ParkMVA Roll Over, Rte 17.
10/25/2016 14:04All Companies + Rochelle Park100 W. Magnolia.Activated Alarm.
10/17/2016 23:18All Companies462 Poplar Ave.Odor of Something Burning.
10/16/2016 14:16T1714 E. Fairmount Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
10/14/2016 16:09All Companies410 Palmer Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/14/2016 14:55All Companies668 Lincoln Ave.Odor of Gas.
10/13/2016 09:34All Companies281 Washington Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/11/2016 19:48All Companies687 Palmer Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/11/2016 08:28All CompaniesMaywood Ave. SchoolOdor of Gas.
10/07/2016 18:27All Companies198 DeSoto Ave.Explosion.
10/05/2016 18:42All Companies158 Clinton Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/05/2016 16:52All Companies205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/03/2016 10:03E18,E19364 Maywood Ave.Odor of Gas.
09/30/2016 10:34All Companies34 Maybrook Dr.Activated Alarm.
09/30/2016 09:48T17100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
09/30/2016 04:46All Companies34 Maybrook Dr.Activated Alarm.
09/28/2016 05:40All CompaniesElm Ct.Activated Alarm.
09/23/2016 21:46All Companies92 Lenox Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/22/2016 18:38All Companies34 Maybrook Dr.Activated Alarm.
09/22/2016 15:25E18,E19Sherwood Village.Trouble Alarm.
09/20/2016 09:47All CompaniesArea 109 Maybrook Dr.Activated Alarm.
09/18/2016 16:29All Companies, Rochelle Park150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
09/15/2016 20:33E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 160 Rte 17 N.Smoke Condition.
09/15/2016 14:51All Companies683 Coles St.Activated Alarm.
09/09/2016 21:59All Companies103 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/09/2016 20:25T17711 Elm St.Activated CO Alarm.
09/09/2016 13:58E18,E1938 W. Central Ave.Gasoline Spill.
09/06/2016 18:07T17116 Romaine Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
09/05/2016 18:20E18W. Spring Valley Ave.Odor of Gas.
09/05/2016 09:36All Companies20 Lenox Ave.Odor of Something Burning.
09/02/2016 20:09E18664 Lincoln Ave.Odor of Gas.
09/02/2016 14:58T17339 Golf Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
08/30/2016 19:07All Companies179 Orchard Pl.Smoke Condition.
08/29/2016 19:04All Companies865 Grant Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/28/2016 20:12E18Mutual Aid to Paterson.Stand-by.
08/28/2016 13:54All Companies5B Elm Ct.Activated Alarm.
08/27/2016 22:37All Companies5B Elm Ct.Activated Alarm.
08/27/2016 21:12All Companies5B Elm Ct.Activated Alarm.
08/26/2016 18:19All Companies170 Maywood Ave.Water Leak.
08/25/2016 15:21E18,E19Area of 660 Lincoln Ave.Odor of Gas.
08/24/2016 11:59T17100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
08/22/2016 22:01E19Mutual Aid to Hackensack.Stand-by.
08/20/2016 17:48All Companies100 W. Magolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/20/2016 08:48E19Mutual Aid to Lodi.Stand-by.
08/19/2016 09:58All Companies93 Demarest Pl.Structure Fire.
08/19/2016 07:16All Companies850 Palmer Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/18/2016 19:55E18846 Wyoming Ave.Odor of Gas.
08/18/2016 02:07All Companies26 Hammel Pl.Activated Alarm.
08/17/2016 08:55E18,E19Maywood Pool.Trouble Alarm.
08/16/2016 21:47T175B Elm Ct.Activated CO Alarm.
08/16/2016 19:06All Companies81 Thoma Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/13/2016 20:50All Companies685 Briarcliff Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/13/2016 01:48All Companies41 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/12/2016 03:06All Companies129 W. Magnolia Ave.Odor of Smoke.
08/11/2016 21:35All Companies250 W. Passaic St.Odor of Something Burning.
08/06/2016 17:15FP885 Grant Ave.Wire Down.
08/05/2016 22:59All Companies154 Thoma Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/05/2016 07:06All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/04/2016 01:46T175B Elm Ct.Activated CO Alarm.
08/03/2016 22:50E18Area of 104 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Gas.
08/01/2016 22:40T1735 E. Fairmount Ave.Water Condition.
08/01/2016 17:43All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Water Flow Alarm.
07/31/2016 15:37All Companies160 E. Magnolia Ave.Smoking Pool Motor.
07/31/2016 12:36All Companies5 Parkway.Activated Alarm.
07/30/2016 21:17All Companies34 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/30/2016 02:27T17151 Maywood Ave.Broken Water Pipe.
07/29/2016 21:02All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Water Flow Alarm.
07/29/2016 11:31All Companies621 Spring Valley Rd.Careless Cooking.
07/25/2016 15:45All CompaniesStandby in Quarters.Standby.
07/25/2016 13:49E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 365 W. Passaic St.Electrical Fire.
07/23/2016 14:55All Companies627 Wyoming Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/22/2016 13:12All Companies834 Lincoln Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/21/2016 15:45T17Mutual Aid to Paterson.Standby.
07/21/2016 13:25All Companies49 Grove Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/21/2016 07:25All Companies346 Duvier Pl.Activated Alarm.
07/20/2016 19:55E19Area of 347 Golf Ave.Odor of Gas.
07/16/2016 15:03All Companies60 Belle Ave.Excessive Heat Alarm.
07/15/2016 20:16E19Rte 17 N.Tree on Fire.
07/15/2016 15:15All CompaniesStandby in Quarters.No Radio Communications.
07/13/2016 15:03All Companies472 Bergen Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/08/2016 14:17All Companies41 Lafayette Ave.Odor of Gas in Residence.
07/07/2016 21:23All Companies404 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/06/2016 06:53T1715 Park Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
07/04/2016 07:49All Companies799 Spring Valley Rd.Oven Fire.
07/01/2016 17:36T17350 Golf Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
07/01/2016 10:52All Companies19 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/30/2016 00:00E18,E19Bergen Town Center.
06/28/2016 02:15All Companies19 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/27/2016 14:26E18, E19Oak & Taplin.Something burning.
06/26/2016 21:13All CompaniesW. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Gas.
06/25/2016 16:19E19Mutual Aid to Elmwood Park.Standby.
06/24/2016 09:22E18, E19Central & Hergersel.Down Wires.
06/24/2016 09:12All Companies250 W Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
06/20/2016 16:54T17Mutual Aid to Paramus, 460 Arthur Ter.Structure Fire.
06/15/2016 10:10All Companies649 Lincoln Ave.Gas Leak.
06/14/2016 10:23FP95 Maywood Ave.Down Wires.
06/13/2016 20:06All Companies521 Lincoln Ave.Oven Fire.
06/13/2016 13:17E18, E19Bergen Town Center.Mulch Fire.
06/10/2016 18:48All Companies139 Cedar Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/07/2016 23:02All Companies150 Maywood Ave.Water Flow Alarm.
06/07/2016 15:57FPMaywood & Spring Valley.Traffic Control.
06/06/2016 14:39FPMaywood & Central.Traffic Control.
06/05/2016 23:31E18754 Oak Ave.Arcing Wire.
06/05/2016 23:01FPCedar & ConklinTraffic Control.
06/04/2016 22:22All CompaniesArea of 39 Essex Ct.Activated Alarm.
06/01/2016 16:30All Companies452 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/01/2016 12:57All CompaniesBergen Town Center.Mulch Fire.
05/31/2016 00:52E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 75 W. Passaic St.Smoke Condition.
05/30/2016 20:03All Companies103 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/29/2016 14:45E18,E19594 Oak Ave.Grill Fire.
05/28/2016 04:11T17709 Briarcliff Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
05/26/2016 15:10All Companies52 Hammell Pl.Activated Alarm.
05/25/2016 21:32All Companies177 Harding Pl.Activated Alarm.
05/24/2016 07:55E18, R23Elm & Pleasant.MVA with Roll over.2016/05/19 09:34
05/16/2016 21:39All Companies35 Terrace Ave.Possible Fire.
05/16/2016 18:28All Companies240 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/16/2016 02:27E18175 E. Spring Valley Ave.Tree down, Arcing Wires.
05/13/2016 02:05T17753 Briarcliff Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
05/09/2016 17:08All Companies156 Maybrook Dr.Activated Alarm.
05/09/2016 13:54FPElm & Park and Elm & PleasantTraffic Control.
05/07/2016 09:31All Companies230 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
05/05/2016 13:26All Companies74 Edgewood Pl.Activated Alarm.
05/02/2016 19:56All Companies6A Elm Ct.Activated Alarm.
05/01/2016 15:43All Companies128 Maybrook Dr.Dumpster Fire.
04/26/2016 14:03All Companies + Hackensack & Rochelle Park112 Maywood Ave.Stove Fire.
04/24/2016 23:14E18Briarcliff Ave.Odor of Gas.
04/22/2016 17:55T17100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
04/21/2016 13:06E18, E19Bergen Town Center.Mulch Fire.
04/19/2016 08:14All Companies639 Grant Ave.Smoke in House.
04/19/2016 04:45All Companies419 Oak Ave.Activated Alarm & Water Condition.
04/18/2016 21:49E18514 Palmer Ave.Leak in Oil Tank.
04/18/2016 14:35T17100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
04/17/2016 12:01All Companies28 Windsor Ct.Dumpster Fire.
04/16/2016 09:48E18E. Passaic & Esplanade.Smoke Condition.
04/15/2016 18:02E18W. Pleasant Ave.Possible Car Fire.
04/12/2016 19:24E19Mutual Aid to Hackensack.Standby.
04/12/2016 11:08All Companies101 W. Essex St.Smoke Condition.
04/11/2016 11:26All Companies108 W. Pleasant Ave.Possible Chimney Fire.
04/10/2016 16:28All Companies25 Terrace Ave.Outside Electrical Fire.
04/09/2016 13:44All Companies518 Spring Valley Rd.Activated Alarm.
04/09/2016 12:08All Companies45 Maybrook Dr.Smoke Condition.
04/08/2016 15:06All CompaniesArea of Maywood & Spring Valley.Smoking Car.
04/08/2016 10:54All Companies104 Cedar Ave.Gas Line Rupture.
04/05/2016 19:13All Companies670 Coles St.Activated Alarm.
04/04/2016 12:32All Companies461 Poplar Ave.Activated Alarm & Smell of Gas.
04/03/2016 03:08T17Mutual Aid to Elmwood Park.Structure Fire.
04/02/2016 12:50All Companies125 E. Passaic St.Activated CO Alarm.
04/02/2016 09:42All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/01/2016 15:28T17100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
04/01/2016 14:03All Companies74 Hartwich St.Odor of Gas.
03/29/2016 12:35E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 350 W. Passaic St.Smoke in Building.
03/28/2016 16:37All Companies150 Ward St.Grill Fire.
03/27/2016 22:28All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
03/24/2016 08:21All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
03/21/2016 17:01All CompaniesArea of Memorial Park.Odor of Smoke.
03/20/2016 18:59All Companies157 Clinton St.Odor of Gas.
03/19/2016 08:30All Companies17 E. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Gas.
03/17/2016 15:35All Companies113 W. Essex St.Odor of Gas.
03/15/2016 16:00All Companies51 E. Essex St.Odor of Gas.
03/14/2016 09:56All Companies407 Palmer Ave.Gas Leak.
03/12/2016 22:09All Companies234 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/10/2016 20:02All Companies116 Woodland Ave.Boiler Problem.
03/09/2016 13:16All Companies751 Oak Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/05/2016 01:08All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Water Main Break.
03/03/2016 12:48All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/03/2016 07:40All Companies15 Park Ave.Odor of Gas.
03/03/2016 05:04All Companies680 Edel Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
02/25/2016 21:25All CompaniesMaywood Market, W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/25/2016 13:55E18, E19Rte.17 South.Truck Fire.
02/24/2016 23:51All Companies1 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/24/2016 23:37E19Maywood & Magnolia.Odor of Gas.
02/24/2016 14:25T17Mutual Aid to Paterson.Standby.
02/24/2016 05:24All Companies733 BriarCliff Ave.Possible Fire in Wall.
02/23/2016 09:18All Companies85 Lenox Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/22/2016 10:34All CompaniesMaywood & EssexGas Leak.
02/21/2016 14:52All CompaniesParkway & OakActivated Alarm.
02/20/2016 10:16All Companies245 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/20/2016 02:09All Companies36 E. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm with Smoke Condition.
02/19/2016 07:41All Companies137 Beech St.Activated Alarm.
02/19/2016 06:39All Companies708 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/18/2016 13:26All Companies119 E. Passaic St.Water Flow Alarm.
02/17/2016 13:10All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Water Flow Alarm.
02/16/2016 15:23All Companies16 Brook Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/16/2016 13:20FPMaywood & Grove.Traffic Control, Tree Down.
02/16/2016 12:38E18,E19Maywood & MagnoliaOdor of Gas.
02/14/2016 17:11All Companies553 Elm St.Activated Alarm.
02/13/2016 11:30All Companies575 Elm St.Activated Alarm.
02/12/2016 20:18E19Essex St.Fluid Leak.
02/11/2016 06:50All Companies42 E. Central Ave.Auto Roll-over.
02/08/2016 11:18All Companies234 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/04/2016 18:56All Companies173 W. Pleasant Ave.Possible Gas Leak.
01/30/2016 23:58All CompaniesBergen Town Center, Bldg L.Activated Alarm.
01/29/2016 19:53All Companies165 Van Cleve St.Activated Alarm.
01/26/2016 08:09E18,E19404 Maywood Ave.Trouble Alarm.
01/25/2016 16:41All Companies504 Maywood Ave.Runaway Boiler.
01/24/2016 23:27All Companies404 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/23/2016 20:15T1795 Maywood Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
01/22/2016 19:03All Companies822 Maywood Ave.Odor of Gas.
01/22/2016 17:30E18Mutual Aid to Paramus.Standby.
01/22/2016 12:48All Companies115 Stelling Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/21/2016 12:34All Companies182 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/21/2016 00:56All CompaniesArea 24-30 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/19/2016 20:11All Companies24-30 W. Pleasant.Activated Alarm.
01/19/2016 18:55T17661 Coles St.Activated CO Alarm.
01/18/2016 21:06All Companies34 W. Pleasant Ave.Unknown Odor.
01/16/2016 16:29All Companies21 E. Passaic St.Furnace Problem.
01/12/2016 06:37All Companies15 FairwaySmoke Condition.
01/08/2016 14:57All Companies55 E. Essex St.Odor of Gas.
01/06/2016 09:05All Companies124 E. Passaic St.Odor of Gas.
01/05/2016 21:22All Companies15 Esplanade.Burning Odor.
01/03/2016 15:36E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 35 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
01/03/2016 10:30All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/03/2016 09:34T17130 Beech St.Activated CO Alarm.
01/02/2016 11:05All Companies125 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
12/28/2015 11:40E1844 E. Pleasant Ave.Fuel Spill.
12/26/2015 18:22All Companies20 FairwayOdor of Gas.
12/25/2015 14:22All Companies2 Elm Ct.Activated Alarm.
12/25/2015 13:28All Companies174 Clinton St.Activated Alarm.
12/24/2015 14:41All Companies15 Park Ave.Standby.
12/24/2015 11:14T17789 Maywood Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
12/23/2015 16:10All CompaniesMaywood & Passaic.Car Fire.
12/23/2015 13:18All Companies137 Lafayette Ave.Oven Fire.
12/22/2015 20:58All Companies427 Oak Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/18/2015 20:40E18411 Golf Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
12/18/2015 20:27FPMaywood & Central.Traffic Control.
12/18/2015 20:20All Companies24-30 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/18/2015 07:04T17693 Oak Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
12/16/2015 09:00All Companies404 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/16/2015 06:13All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Water Flow Alarm.
12/12/2015 21:43All CompaniesE. Essex St.Smoking Car.
12/09/2015 19:53All Companies234 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/08/2015 00:39All Companies461 Hill St.Smoke Condition.
12/07/2015 18:25E18Bergen Town CenterSmoking Car.
12/07/2015 18:03All Companies255 W. Spring Valley Ave.Smoke in Building.
12/06/2015 05:30All Companies148-150 Prospect Avenue.Activated Alarm.
12/05/2015 20:16All Companies682 Briarcliff Avenue.Boiler Problem.
12/04/2015 17:14E19Rte17 N.Liquid Spill.
12/04/2015 13:57All Companies116-138 Beech St.Activated Alarm.
12/04/2015 12:46All Companies73 W. Pleasant Ave.Possible Structure Fire.
12/04/2015 07:43All CompaniesMaywood LibraryActived Alarm.
12/03/2015 11:55All Companies765 Briarcliff Ave.Fire Inside Structure.
11/30/2015 13:40All Companies24-30 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/30/2015 11:52All Companies109 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/27/2015 00:23All CompaniesMount Vernon Ct.Activated Alarm.
11/26/2015 10:42All Companies216 Cumming Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/25/2015 13:41E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 59 Hahn Ave.Working Structure Fire.
11/24/2015 07:47All Companies823 Edel Ave.Boiler Problem.
11/23/2015 10:58All Companies452 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/22/2015 19:02All Companies659 Edel Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/20/2015 18:02All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
11/20/2015 03:39All CompaniesSouth Bergen Joint VentureActivated Alarm.
11/19/2015 23:24All Companies842 Grant Ave.Flooded Basement with Burning Odor.
11/18/2015 15:16FPWashington & Maywood.Traffic Control, Wire Down.
11/18/2015 09:08All CompaniesTerrace & Coles.
11/18/2015 08:54All Companies157 E. Spring Valley Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/18/2015 06:46All CompaniesMemorial School.Activated Alarm.
11/15/2015 20:59E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 100 Becker Ave.Smoke Condition.
11/14/2015 08:17All Companies120 E. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/14/2015 00:35FPMaywood & E. Fairmount.Traffic Control, Wire Down.
11/12/2015 02:47T17Mutual Aid to Paramus.Standby for Working Structure Fire.
11/11/2015 19:52All Companies137 Maywood Ave.Smoke Condition.
11/11/2015 13:25All Companies121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/04/2015 09:51All Companies231 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/03/2015 18:24T1753 E. Essex St.Activated CO Alarm.
11/03/2015 15:45All Companies, Rochelle Park, Saddle Brook, Lodi, Paramus461 Poplar Ave.Smoke Condition.
11/02/2015 17:43T17906 Spring Valley Rd.Police Assist.
11/02/2015 10:48All Companies234 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/01/2015 19:53All Companies91 Maywood Ave.Smoke Condition.
10/31/2015 12:10All Companies113 W. Essex St.Smoke in Building.
10/29/2015 23:38All CompaniesPleasant Court.Activated Alarm.
10/29/2015 17:57T17Mutual Aid to Elmwood ParkStand by.
10/28/2015 11:18All Companies15 Park Ave.Odor of Something Burning.
10/27/2015 19:52T1751 E. Essex St.Activated CO Alarm.
10/25/2015 18:06All CompaniesMaywood & ThomaOdor of Gas.
10/25/2015 09:04E19Mutual Aid to Garfield.Structure Fire.
10/23/2015 08:14All CompaniesPleasant Ct.Activated Alarm.
10/22/2015 15:54All Companies45 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/22/2015 14:57T1720 Washington Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
10/21/2015 17:56T1751-b E. Essex St.Activated CO Alarm.
10/21/2015 17:18All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Truck Fire.
10/20/2015 04:45E19Mutual Aid LodiStandby in Hq.
10/19/2015 14:45All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/19/2015 07:47T1725 E. Spring Valley Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
10/18/2015 23:07All CompaniesSherwood Village.Activated Alarm.
10/18/2015 11:23E18Maywood & PassaicFuel Spill.
10/15/2015 16:20All Companies216 Cumming Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/15/2015 00:00E18,E19739 Coles Street.Grill Fire.
10/14/2015 10:18All Companies621 Spring Valley Rd.Activated Alarm.
10/13/2015 21:36All CompaniesW. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/08/2015 13:31E18,E19198 DeSoto Ave.Odor of Gas.
10/06/2015 17:14E1815 Park Ave.Trouble Alarm.
10/01/2015 21:51T17250 ParkwayActivated CO Alarm.
10/01/2015 19:09E18Terrace & GardenPower Line on Fire.
09/30/2015 10:12All Companies36 Lenox Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/30/2015 06:57All Companies36-42 E. Central Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/29/2015 19:53E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park235 W. Passaic St, CO
09/29/2015 19:08All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/29/2015 10:37All CompaniesBeech & Maybrook.Odor of Gas.
09/26/2015 01:34E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 365 W. Passaic St.Shed Fire.
09/25/2015 18:17E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 124 Essex St.Activated Alarm.
09/24/2015 20:51E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 300 Rochelle Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/24/2015 16:17All Companies136 Lenox Ave.Odor, Burning in Basement.
09/23/2015 11:42E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, Central & Rochelle.Gas Leak.
09/22/2015 18:24All Companies727 Grant Ave.Grill Fire.
09/20/2015 19:13All Companies54 Windsor Ct.Odor of Gas.
09/19/2015 17:51E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 106 Terrace Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/19/2015 13:47E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 75 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
09/18/2015 18:23All CompaniesMaywood & DemarestCar Fire.
09/17/2015 09:23E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 87 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
09/16/2015 21:53E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 171-175 Rochelle Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/15/2015 10:51All Companies42 E. Central Ave.Water in Light Fixture.
09/15/2015 05:51All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/13/2015 17:22E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 19 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
09/13/2015 15:22T17Mutual Aid to Fairlawn.Stand-by.
09/12/2015 15:45All Companies116 Park Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/12/2015 14:58E19Beech & Clinton.Odor of Gas.
09/11/2015 17:55All Companies580 Oak Ave.Possible Electrical Fire.
09/11/2015 17:17All CompaniesSpring Valley Ave. & Coolidge.Smoke Condition.
09/10/2015 15:42All Companies + Saddle Brook151 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/10/2015 11:58E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 365 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
09/08/2015 05:23All Companies87 Rte 17 N.Activated Alarm.
09/07/2015 14:20All Companies580 Spring Valley Rd.Odor of Something Burning.
09/06/2015 10:33E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 250 Rochelle Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/05/2015 08:46E18Mendez & LincolnOdor of Smoke.
09/03/2015 10:17T17883 Maywood Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
09/01/2015 23:41E18104 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Gas.
09/01/2015 01:09All CompaniesRte 17 N.Tractor Trailer Brakes on Fire.
08/28/2015 11:36E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 62 Parkway.Odor of Gas.
08/27/2015 21:46All Companies126 E. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Gas.
08/26/2015 20:00T1751 E. Essex St.Activated CO Alarm.
08/25/2015 12:18All Companies216 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/24/2015 15:22All Companies216 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/24/2015 07:25All Companies416 Davidson St.Odor of Gas.
08/23/2015 04:27E18W. Grove Ave.Odor of Gas.
08/23/2015 01:00All Companies43 E. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
08/22/2015 14:14FPE. Spring Valley Ave & Coles St.Fallen Tree.
08/21/2015 22:28All Companies39 E. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/21/2015 13:42All Companies83 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/21/2015 00:08R23159 Prospect Ave.EMS Assist.
08/20/2015 20:02T1784 Cedar Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
08/19/2015 13:50T17Mutual Aid to Paterson.Standby.
08/15/2015 22:16All Companies842 Lincoln Ave.Odor of Smoke.
08/15/2015 11:19All Companies61 Howcroft Rd.Odor of Gas.
08/13/2015 21:44E18DeSoto & Spring Valley Rd.Odor of Gas.
08/13/2015 21:40E1913 Beech St.Smoke Condition.
08/13/2015 10:36All Companies44 Stelling Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/12/2015 12:54E19Beech & ClintonOdor of Gas.
08/11/2015 09:01E18, E1915 Park Ave.Trouble Alarm.
08/09/2015 00:43E19116 Beech St.Odor of Gas.
08/08/2015 05:39All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/08/2015 02:51All Companies109 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/07/2015 12:41E18, E19S. Elm & Edgewood Pl.Odor of Gas.
08/07/2015 11:10All Companies575 Elm St.Activated Alarm.
08/03/2015 18:15E18,E1977 Edgewood Pl.Motor Vehicle Fire.
08/03/2015 15:32E18,E19Bergen Town Center.Mulch Fire.
08/03/2015 13:34All Companies670 Oak Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/03/2015 10:35All Companies205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/01/2015 20:29All Companies701 Jersey Ave.Odor of Gas.
08/01/2015 03:29All Companies48 E. Hunter Ave.Smoke on First Floor.
07/30/2015 23:34All Companies113 W. Essex St.Smoke Condition.
07/29/2015 12:31FP230 W. Passaic St.Traffic Control, Low Wire.
07/27/2015 08:32E19Mutual Aid to RP, 96 Parkway.Activated Alarm.
07/26/2015 23:03All Companies638 Grant Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/26/2015 07:27All Companies87 Rte. 17 N.Activated Alarm.
07/25/2015 12:32All Companies53 W. Pleasant Ave.Fire.
07/25/2015 07:26All Companies183 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/24/2015 07:56E18,E19Latham & W. Passaic.Odor of Gas.
07/23/2015 19:06All Companies803 Spring Valley Rd.Grill Fire.
07/22/2015 11:18R23Mutual Aid to RP, Central & Rochelle.MVA with Entrapment.
07/21/2015 17:03All Companies120 E. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/20/2015 23:15All Companies536 Oak Ave.Outside burning.
07/18/2015 23:50T17150 E. Passaic St.Water Problem.
07/18/2015 20:42All Companies641 Lincoln Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/17/2015 11:21E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 138 Howard Ave.Gas Leak in Structure.
07/15/2015 19:10T1757 Belle Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
07/15/2015 17:41E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, Essex St.MV Fire.
07/14/2015 19:28E19243 Prospect Ave.Telephone Pole Fire.
12/31/1969 19:0066 Terrrace Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/13/2015 08:49T1766 Terrace Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
07/09/2015 17:32All Companies83 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/09/2015 07:57All Companies119 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
07/07/2015 18:12T1744 Grove Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
07/06/2015 13:51T17100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
07/06/2015 09:44All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
07/05/2015 16:20All CompaniesW. Passaic & Spencer Joseph WayOdor of Gas.
07/05/2015 16:05All Companies158 W. Passaic St.Odor of Gas.
07/04/2015 14:38All Companies77 E. Fairmount Ave.Odor of Smoke.
07/01/2015 15:09All Companies121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/01/2015 08:06All Companies103 Grove Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/30/2015 10:12E18,E19195 DeSoto Ave.Odor of Gas.
06/30/2015 08:09E18,E19591 Grant Ave.Odor of Gas.
06/29/2015 16:30All Companies449 S. Elm St.Odor of Gas.
06/29/2015 10:45All Companies459 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/26/2015 20:44All Companies12 EsplanadePossible Electrical Fire.
06/25/2015 04:51All CompaniesMaywood SchoolActivated Alarm.
06/23/2015 16:28All Companies28 Washington Ave.Strange Odor.
06/23/2015 14:09All CompaniesMemorial School.Activated Alarm.
06/22/2015 10:32All Companies230 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
06/21/2015 18:49R23,E18Maywood & Spring ValleyMVA with Entrapment.
06/21/2015 16:54All Companies126 Belle Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/16/2015 20:37T17638 Grant Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
06/15/2015 16:05All Companies113 W. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
06/14/2015 08:01All CompaniesRte 17 S, near Essest St.MVA, rollover, entrapment, fire.
06/13/2015 05:55All Companies99 Beech St.Possible Transformer fire.
06/09/2015 07:42FPSpring & SpringTraffic Control.
06/08/2015 11:12All Companies158 Clinton St.Activated Alarm.
06/07/2015 11:05All Companies666 Wyoming Ave.Odor of gas.
06/06/2015 22:20All Companies53 Woodland Ave.Electrical Switch.
06/05/2015 17:08All Companies416 Oak Ave.Odor of Gas.
06/04/2015 13:51All Companies402 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/02/2015 02:21E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 75 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
06/01/2015 10:15All Companies653 Briarcliff Ave.Odor of Gas.
05/27/2015 14:23All Companies196 W. Passaic St.Runaway Boiler.
05/26/2015 15:52E19Mutual Aid to Lodi.Standby.
05/25/2015 18:32E19Mutual Aid to HackensackStandby.
05/24/2015 12:05All Companies248-250 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/22/2015 23:38All Companies41 Parkway.Activated Alarm.
05/20/2015 14:44All Companies174 Stone Street.Electrical Fire.
05/19/2015 19:23All CompaniesElm & Passaic.Smoke Condition.
05/17/2015 12:54T17400 Maywood Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
05/16/2015 12:43All Companies121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/14/2015 12:34All Companies25 Brook Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/13/2015 09:01E18, E19 Rte 17 N.Brush Fire.
05/12/2015 22:23E18740 Maywood Ave.Tree Fire.
05/12/2015 15:36R23Passaic & LawrenceBus Entrapment.
05/11/2015 16:25All CompaniesEssex Apartments, E. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
05/11/2015 12:10E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 175 Rochelle Ave.Smoke Condition.
05/10/2015 20:24All Companies46 Hampton Ct.Smoke Condition.
05/06/2015 14:50All Companies29 Brook Ave.Dumpster Fire.
05/06/2015 09:50All CompaniesBergen Town Center.Activated Alarm.
05/05/2015 22:50All Companies664 Lincoln Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/05/2015 18:09All Companies134 E. Pleasant Ave.Grill Fire.
05/04/2015 12:26E18,E19Bergen Town Center.Mulch Fire.
05/02/2015 05:59E18,R23Elm and PassaicMVA with Rollover and Fire.
05/01/2015 19:25All Companies51B Essex St.Indoor Odor of Gas.
05/01/2015 16:49All Companies, Rochelle Park, Paramus, Hackensack83 Demarest Pl.Bedroom Fire.
04/29/2015 21:32T17DeSoto Ave.Odor of Gas.
04/29/2015 20:37E18195 DeSoto Ave.Odor of Gas.
04/28/2015 14:15All CompaniesBergen Town Center.Mulch Fire.
04/28/2015 12:32All Companies28 E. Central Ave.Boiler Problem.
04/27/2015 16:38All Companies90 Demarest Pl.Odor of Something Burning.
04/25/2015 16:17E19Mutual Aid to Hackensack.Standby.
04/23/2015 12:58All Companies230 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
04/23/2015 08:29All Companies230 W. Passaic St.Odor of Gas.
04/23/2015 00:46All Companies148 Maybrook Dr.Activated Alarm.
04/22/2015 15:25All Companies24-30 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/20/2015 21:58T1736 Orchard Pl.Activated CO Alarm.
04/20/2015 19:53T17734 Briarcliff Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
04/20/2015 15:31All Companies3 Buckingham Ct.Activated Alarm.
04/19/2015 09:17All Companies621 Maywood Ave.Odor of Gas.
04/18/2015 07:52All Companies216 Cumming Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/17/2015 09:18E18, E19Area of 165 E. Central Ave.Odor of Gas.
04/14/2015 06:35All Companies136 Lenox Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/13/2015 23:45All CompaniesRte 17 N.Activated Alalrm.
04/13/2015 03:22E19Romaine Ave.Odor of Gas.
04/12/2015 16:58All Companies837 Grant Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/11/2015 05:39All Companies131 Romaine Ave.Odor of Gas.
04/09/2015 13:31All Companies216 Cunning Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/04/2015 14:48All CompaniesBergen Town Center.Brush Fire.
04/04/2015 12:21All Companies205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/04/2015 11:14E19Mutual Aid to Lodi.Standby.
04/03/2015 20:22E1977 Demarest Pl.Water Condition.
04/03/2015 07:06All Companies169 Stelling Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/02/2015 22:11All Companies33 W. Central Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/02/2015 11:11T1752 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
03/30/2015 14:00All Companies105 E. Essex St.Odor of Gas.
03/28/2015 19:48All Companies87 Rte 17 N.Activated Alarm.
03/28/2015 12:21E19310 Concord DriveActivated Alarm.
03/23/2015 14:08T17906 Spring Valley Rd.Police Assist.
03/23/2015 06:07All Companies404 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/21/2015 13:11All Companies115 W. Central Ave.Smoke Condition.
03/20/2015 04:14All Companies101 Prospect Ave.Odor of Something Burning.
03/18/2015 19:59All Companies134 Ackerman Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/16/2015 20:14E19169 Brookdale St.Odor of Gas.
03/16/2015 13:26All CompaniesGolf Ave.Smoke Coming from a Garage.
03/14/2015 21:58All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Water Flow Alarm.
03/13/2015 12:10All Companies103 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/12/2015 18:36All Companies803 Spring Valley Rd.Grill Fire.
03/06/2015 14:14All Companies1 E. Pleasant Ave.Water in Light Fixture.
03/05/2015 19:14All Companies55 W. Essex St.Smoke Condition.
03/05/2015 09:57All Companies41 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/04/2015 09:10All Companies169 Stelling Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/02/2015 21:42All Companies195 Parkwary.Water Condition.
03/02/2015 10:53E18,E19355 Bryon Pl.Odor of Gasoline in Car Trunk.
02/28/2015 08:11FPMaywood & CentralMVA PD Assist.
02/27/2015 04:00All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/26/2015 03:49T17107 W. Central Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
02/25/2015 10:59FPW. Pleasant Ave.Request for Additional Manpower.
02/25/2015 10:43All Companies, Paramus, Rochelle Park173 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Gas.
02/25/2015 08:35All Companies15 Park Ave.Odor of Gas.
02/23/2015 16:07All Companies255 W. Spring Valley Ave.Truck Fire.
02/22/2015 11:02All Companies40 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/21/2015 13:11All Companies178 Roosevelt Ave.Odor of Gas.
02/20/2015 12:11All Companies44 Demarest Pl.Activated Alarm.
02/19/2015 17:54All Companies847 Oak Ave.Water Condition.
02/19/2015 13:21T17Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park96 Parkway, Gas Leak.
02/19/2015 09:46All Companies567 Oak Ave.Odor of Smoke.
02/19/2015 00:02All Companies525 Spring Valley Rd.Unknown Odor.
02/18/2015 21:40E19Oak & Thoma.Odor of Gas.
02/15/2015 16:34All Companies525 Spring Valley Rd.Activated Alarm.
02/13/2015 20:53E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park17 Durant, Working Fire.
02/13/2015 17:02All Companies26 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Something Burning.
02/10/2015 18:40T1747 Orchard Pl.Activated CO Alarm.
02/07/2015 02:44E19Mutual Aid to LodiGaribaldi Ave., Working Fire.
02/06/2015 11:58T17306 Concord Dr.Activated CO Alarm.
02/06/2015 07:37All Companies158 Rosalie St.Activated Alarm.
02/04/2015 21:36All Companies41 Grove Ave., Rochelle ParkOven Fire.
02/02/2015 17:04R23150 E. Passaic St.Lift Assist.
02/01/2015 02:50All Companies173 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Smoke.
01/31/2015 14:38E18Mutual Aid to Elmwood Park.Standby.
01/29/2015 13:02R23232 Maywood Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
01/28/2015 19:58T1795 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
01/28/2015 15:30All Companies95 W. Spring Valley Ave.Unknown Odor.
01/28/2015 13:46T1783 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
01/26/2015 15:14All Companies432 Poplar Ave.Smoke Condition.
01/24/2015 13:42E18Maywood & Spring Valley Ave.Odor of Gas.
01/24/2015 10:46All Companies116 W. Central Ave.Odor of Gas.
01/21/2015 18:52E19Mutual Aid to Edgewater.Working Fire.
01/19/2015 19:56R23100 W. MagnoliaEMS Assist.
01/18/2015 13:43All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Odor of Smoke.
01/16/2015 15:15All Companies644 Spring Valley Rd.Activated Alarm.
01/15/2015 14:11R23Maywood SchoolElevator Entrapment.
01/14/2015 08:03E1977 E. Hunter Ave.Water Condition.
01/13/2015 11:03All Companies239 Rte 17 N.Activated Alarm.
01/11/2015 21:36All Companies130 Washington Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/11/2015 14:46All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/11/2015 11:40All Companies21 E. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Gas.
01/08/2015 18:08All Companies21 E. Pleasant Ave.Broken Water Pipe.
01/07/2015 22:16All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/07/2015 21:28All Companies891 Briarcliff Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/07/2015 05:03All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/07/2015 03:46All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/06/2015 23:24T17142 Hartwich St.Activated CO Alarm.
01/04/2015 18:24All Companies13 Beech St.Smoke Condition.
01/04/2015 12:03All CompaniesEssex Gardens, Essex St.Smoke Condition.
01/04/2015 11:46E18195 DeSoto Ave.Odor of Gas.
01/03/2015 22:39T17427 Oak Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
12/31/1969 19:00T17Mutual Aid to Paterson.Standby.
06/19/2018 20:1505/09 11:59All Companies77 E. Hunter Ave.
12/30/2014 01:06All Companies95 E. Passaic St.Possible Fire
12/24/2014 21:07All Companies127 E. Spring Valley Ave.
12/18/2014 06:46T17Mutual Aid to Paterson.Stand by.
12/17/2014 15:15All Companie54 Taplin Ave.Smoke in House.
12/09/2014 22:10All Companies113 W. Essex St.Smoke in Boiler Room.
12/09/2014 14:27All Companies130 E. Fairmount Ave.Odor of Something Burning.
12/08/2014 17:44FPMaywood & CentralAssist with Traffic Control.
12/08/2014 10:02All Companies230 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
12/07/2014 10:59All Companies121 Belle Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/05/2014 17:09E19Mutual Aid to Lodi.Stand by.
12/05/2014 16:21E18Maywood & Mendez.Motor Vehicle Accident.
12/04/2014 04:27All Companies109 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/30/2014 18:02All Companies, Hackensack, Rochelle Park, Paramus96 E. Hunter Ave.Dryer Fire.
11/28/2014 21:24All Companies178 Harding Pl.Activated Alarm.
11/26/2014 13:08FPSpring Valley Rd. & Zuber Pl.Police Assist. Power line down.
11/25/2014 21:40E1938 E. Hunter Ave.Snow Blower Fire.
11/22/2014 20:10T17100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
11/21/2014 16:57E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 151 W. Passaic St.Smoke Condition.
11/21/2014 16:16E18578 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/21/2014 12:11All Companies, Hackensack, Rochelle Park, SaddleBrook19 E. Passaic St.Working House Fire.
11/20/2014 06:34All Companies84 Cedar Ave.Smell of Smoke.
11/18/2014 12:22All Companies and Rochelle Park452 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/17/2014 15:43All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Water Flow Alarm.
12/31/1969 19:00150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
11/07/2014 10:06All Companies121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/06/2014 14:21All Companies819 Spring Valley Rd.Possible House Fire.
11/04/2014 07:05All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/03/2014 07:35All Companies306 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/03/2014 06:55T1725 E. Spring Valley Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
11/02/2014 23:02All Companies240 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/31/2014 22:04All CompaniesSherwood Village.Activated Alarm.
10/31/2014 21:05All CompaniesSherwood Village.Activated Alarm.
10/31/2014 15:36All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/31/2014 07:34All Companies760 Oak Ave.Possible Structure Fire.
10/30/2014 20:52All Companies69 Lafayette Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/30/2014 13:04All Companies129 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/27/2014 19:55All Companies847 Oak Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/27/2014 08:37All Companies9 Brook Ave.Downed wires arcing.
10/18/2014 15:05All Companies234 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/18/2014 11:29E1841 W. Pleasant Ave.Assist Board of Health.
10/17/2014 01:32All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/13/2014 23:05All Companies112 Belle Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/13/2014 12:01T17103 Hammell Pl.Activated CO Alarm.
10/09/2014 12:29All Companies125 E. Passaic St.Smoke in Basement.
10/06/2014 07:32All Companies847 Oak Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/05/2014 01:14All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/04/2014 10:55All Companies3 Elizabeth Ct.Activated Alarm.
10/04/2014 01:12All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/02/2014 17:01All Companies120 E. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/29/2014 12:59All Companies230 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
09/28/2014 13:20E19Mutual Aid to Hackensack.Standby in Quarters
09/27/2014 19:07E19Central & Eccleston.Smoke Condition.
09/26/2014 10:15All Companies121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/26/2014 07:03All Companies345 Jaeger AveSmoke in Basement.
09/25/2014 14:49All CompaniesPalmer & Spring Valley Ave.Car into House.
09/25/2014 13:25All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/21/2014 09:06All Companies151 Maywood Avenue.Activated Alarm.
09/20/2014 21:37All Companies151 Maywood Avenue.Activated Alarm.
09/20/2014 07:42All Companies66 Sinniger Pl.Activated Alarm.
09/18/2014 19:01All Companies234 Maywood Avenue.Activated Alarm.
09/16/2014 11:56All Companies739 Jersey Ave.Smoke eminating from Roof.
09/13/2014 20:49All Companies20 Fairway.Smoke Condition.
09/10/2014 09:28T17Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park.Gas Leak on Rte. 17 N.
09/07/2014 20:17E1848 Cedar Ave.Smoke Condition.
09/05/2014 13:51FPMaywood & PassaicPolice Assist.
09/03/2014 19:21All Companies11 Washington Ave.Odor of Something Burning.
12/31/1969 19:00All Companies125 E. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
09/03/2014 05:33E1910 Windsor Ct.Odor of Something Burning.
09/02/2014 00:14T17450 E. Passaic St.Activated CO Alarm.
08/31/2014 02:14All Companies53 - 71 E. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
08/28/2014 00:00R23Mutual Aid to LodiMVA with Extraction.
08/27/2014 15:17All Companies205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/22/2014 12:09T1785 Stelling Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
08/21/2014 20:37All Companies729 Briarcliff Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/21/2014 18:52All Companies20 Lenox Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/20/2014 18:30All Companies838 Oak Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/19/2014 09:20All Companies139 Cedar Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/16/2014 23:05T1711 Pleasant Ct.Activated CO Alarm
08/16/2014 09:35R23Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 146 Rochelle Ave.MVA with Extracation.
08/15/2014 16:02T17Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park,75 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
08/12/2014 08:58All Companies46 Central Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/11/2014 19:13All Companies107 Essex St.EMS Assist.
08/10/2014 02:41All Companies355 Concord Dr.Activataed Alarm.
08/04/2014 00:44E19,R23Maywood & Essex.MVA with Fluid Spill.
08/03/2014 23:26All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/03/2014 16:24All Companies862 Lincoln Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/02/2014 18:29All Companies525 Spring Valley Rd.Activated Alarm.
12/31/1969 19:00All Companies361 Golf Ave.Flooded Basement, Live Wires Under Water.
07/31/2014 07:03All Companies205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/26/2014 21:05E18Poplar Ave.Smoke Condition.
07/24/2014 17:00All CompaniesMaywood & Taplan.Smoke Condition.
07/23/2014 11:49All Companies73 Woodland Ave, Rochelle ParkSmoke in Basement.
07/22/2014 15:46All Companies, Rochelle Park100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/20/2014 03:19All Companies740 Maywood Ave.Grass Fire on Front Lawn.
07/17/2014 05:53All Companies216 Cumming Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/14/2014 09:41All Companies, Rochelle Park100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/11/2014 00:27All Companies95 E. Passaic St.Odor of Gas.
07/10/2014 16:48E18Lafayette & Coles.Odor of Gas.
07/08/2014 14:35All Companies10-24 Windsor Ct.Activated Alarm.
07/08/2014 07:08All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Fire & Water Flow Alarms.
07/05/2014 10:09E18,E1940 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/05/2014 00:21All Companies56 Howcroft Ave.Odor of Gas.
07/04/2014 07:15All Companies33 W. Central Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/31/1969 19:00139 Cedar Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/03/2014 20:43T17150 Lenox Ave.Water Condition.
07/01/2014 18:15All Companies25 Thoma Ave.BBQ Fire.
07/01/2014 15:34T17Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 365 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
07/01/2014 15:01All Companies98-104 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/30/2014 13:09All Companies674 Grant Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/28/2014 13:36E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, Rte 17 N.Activated Alarm.
06/26/2014 15:34All Companies25 E. Spring Valley Ave.Smoke in Building.
06/24/2014 03:11All Companies404 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/23/2014 01:03T1737 Maybrook Dr.Activated CO Alarm.
06/20/2014 10:35All CompaniesMaywood Library.Smoking Outdoor Light.
06/19/2014 18:32All Companies81 Thoma Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/17/2014 22:16E1941 Demarest Pl.Possible Transformer Fire.
06/16/2014 21:31All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/16/2014 17:34E19Mutual Aid to Hackensack.Standby in Quarters.
06/13/2014 17:40All Companies340 Jaeger Ave.Odor of Something Burning.
06/11/2014 11:23R23Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, Essex & Rochelle Ave.MVA with Rollover.
06/11/2014 07:15All Companies95 Hammell Pl.Activated Alarm
06/11/2014 02:08E1995 Hammell Pl.Activated Alarm.
06/11/2014 01:05All Companies95 Hammell Pl.Activated Alarm.
06/07/2014 23:01E18104 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Gas.
06/07/2014 14:59All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
06/06/2014 05:45T17100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
06/05/2014 16:20All Companies680 Coles St.Activated Alarm.
06/04/2014 07:15T17100 W. Magnolica Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
06/04/2014 06:43E18,E19W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Gas.
06/04/2014 05:55All Companies17 E. Fairmount Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/03/2014 15:21T17Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 96 ParkwayActivated Alarm
06/03/2014 14:15All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/02/2014 14:40All Companies62 Park Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/31/1969 19:00All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/29/2014 21:30All Companies536 William St.Odor of Something Burning.
05/28/2014 19:38All Companies102 W. Pleasant Ave.Sparking Wires.
05/23/2014 02:37All Companies215 Stone St.Activated Alarm.
05/21/2014 02:05All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm
05/18/2014 22:46All Companies20 Pleasant Ct.Smoke in Basement.
05/16/2014 05:57All Companies205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/15/2014 21:20All Companies692 Elm St.Activated Alarm.
05/15/2014 18:56All Companies459 Maywood Ave..Activated Alarm.
05/10/2014 20:21All CompaniesFire Headquarters.Standby.
05/10/2014 10:46All Companies205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/05/2014 14:13T1769 Lafayette Ave.Police Assist.
05/02/2014 08:49All Companies216 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/30/2014 16:52All Companies75 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/29/2014 16:13All Companies25 W. Central Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/28/2014 11:20T17Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 363 Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
04/28/2014 02:52T17200 Zuber Pl.Activated CO Alarm.
04/27/2014 22:30All Companies91 Maybrook Dr.Possible Gas Leak.
04/27/2014 06:26All Companies346 Duvier Pl.Activated Alarm
04/24/2014 11:55E18, E19Bergen Town CenterMulch Fire.
04/24/2014 07:02All Companies84 Beech St.Activated Alarm.
04/23/2014 21:28All Companies84-114 Beech St. Activated Alarm.
04/21/2014 16:49All Companies227 Sanzari Pl.Fire in House.
04/21/2014 14:25All Companies25 E. Spring Valley Ave.Brush Fire.
04/21/2014 01:41All Companies15 Park Ave.Odor of Gas.
04/18/2014 22:32All Companies113 W. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
04/18/2014 18:26E18Howcroft Rd.Activated CO Alarm.
04/18/2014 18:21All Companies113 W. Essex St.Activated Alarm
04/18/2014 14:37All Companies360 Concord Dr.Odor of Smoke in House..
04/18/2014 10:12All Companies248-250 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/17/2014 11:40All Companies472 Bergen Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
04/16/2014 19:06E19Rte 17 NTruck with smoking brakes.
04/16/2014 13:56E18Mutual Aid to Elmwood Park, Rte 46Working fire.
04/15/2014 18:23All Companies26 Grove Ave.Smoke in Basement.
04/15/2014 14:40T17Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 96 Parkway.Activated Alarm.
04/12/2014 21:28All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Smoke in Apartment.
04/09/2014 12:17All Companies73 E. Hunter Ave.Gas Leak.
04/07/2014 13:56E18,E19Maywood & Essex.Brush Fire.
04/07/2014 10:00E18,E19Maybrook & Essex.Smell of smoke.
04/07/2014 01:15All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/07/2014 01:08All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/02/2014 13:10All Companies205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/28/2014 18:58All Companies40 W. Fairmount Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/28/2014 18:42E18Area of 43 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of smoke.
03/27/2014 18:02All Companies346 Duvier Pl.Activated Alarm.
03/27/2014 10:38E19Mutual Aid to Garfield.Standby.
03/24/2014 02:33All CompaniesArea of Howcroft.Activated Alarm.
03/23/2014 04:48T176A Elm Ct.Water Condition.
03/21/2014 21:41All Companies51-53 E. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
03/20/2014 17:30All Companies120 E. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/19/2014 11:40All Companies15 Esplanade.Stove Fire.
03/13/2014 12:09All CompaniesMt. Vernon Ct.Activated Alarm.
03/12/2014 09:56All Companies51 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/12/2014 00:55All Companies51 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/11/2014 10:48All Companies45 E. Central Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/08/2014 03:13All Companies124 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/07/2014 15:13E19Mutual Aid to Lodi, Rte 46 WestLaundramat Fire.
03/07/2014 14:13E19Mutual Aid to Lodi, 220 Westminister Pl.Smoke in Building.
03/07/2014 07:21E19Mutual Aid to Lodi, 1 Park Pl.Trailer Fire.
03/04/2014 13:29All Companies24-30 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/02/2014 18:10T17100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
03/02/2014 07:55E19Maywood & Thoma.Odor of Gas.
03/02/2014 05:46All Companies8 Windsor Ct.Garage Fire.
03/02/2014 05:29All Companies99 Hammel Pl.Garage Fire.
03/01/2014 16:23All Companies216 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/01/2014 04:10All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Water Flow Alarm.
02/27/2014 11:09T17Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 96 Parkway.Activated Alarm.
02/25/2014 17:31T17125 E. Magnolia.Activated CO Alarm.
02/25/2014 13:34All Companies + Rochelle Park643 Lincoln Ave.Smoke in Basement.
02/25/2014 12:11All Companies1 E. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/23/2014 13:02All Companies217 Hergesell Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/22/2014 11:56R2375 Hampton Ct.Lift Assist.
02/19/2014 16:13All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/17/2014 08:52T17Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 96 Parkway.Activated Alarm.
02/16/2014 19:55T17119 Orchard Place.Activated CO Alarm.
02/16/2014 10:01T17525 Spring Valley Rd.Activated CO Alarm.
02/15/2014 05:55All Companies73 Grove Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
02/14/2014 06:02All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Truck Fire.
02/09/2014 13:35All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Smoke Condition.
12/31/1969 19:00Mutual to PatersonWorking Fire.
02/01/2014 18:58E19Mutual Aid to Lodi.Standby.
02/01/2014 14:38All Companies216 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/31/2014 12:13E18578 Maywood Ave.Investigate Alarm System.
01/31/2014 11:29All Companies868 Oak Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/31/2014 10:43All Companies628 Wyoming Ave.Odor of burning in Kitchen.
01/29/2014 08:30All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/26/2014 12:46T17210 Prospect Ave.Entry Assist.
01/25/2014 17:30E18Mutual Aid to ParamusStandby.
01/24/2014 05:42T17136 Central Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
01/23/2014 13:40All Companies234 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/23/2014 10:28All Companies597 Lincoln Ave.Odor of Gas.
01/22/2014 06:08E18452 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/21/2014 20:37All Companies452 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/20/2014 15:55All Companies141 Stewart St.Odor of Gas.
01/20/2014 13:57FPAssist with Traffic Control at MVA.
01/20/2014 07:33T1791 Orchard Pl.Activated CO Alarm.
01/18/2014 12:26All Companies87 Rte 17 N.Activated Alarm.
01/17/2014 20:30All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/17/2014 20:15All Companies107 W. Central Ave.Odor of Gas.
01/17/2014 06:42All Companies125 E. Passaic St.Possible Smoke.
01/13/2014 10:05T17266 E. Central Ave.Pump Out.
01/11/2014 00:37T17199 Loughlin Pl.Activated CO Alarm.
01/10/2014 14:48All Companies471 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/09/2014 17:30All CompaniesTD North Parking LotCar Fire.
01/09/2014 15:11All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/08/2014 21:45All Companies33A E. Pleasant Ave.Water Emergency.
01/08/2014 04:53All Companies205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/08/2014 04:40All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/08/2014 02:30Rochelle Park575 Elm St.Working House Fire.
01/08/2014 01:08All Companies250 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/07/2014 23:11All Companies24-30 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/07/2014 18:33All Companies64 Lafayette Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/07/2014 08:08All Companies456 Poplar Ave.Activated Alarm
01/06/2014 15:13E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park.Standby.
01/04/2014 13:15All Companies240 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
01/03/2014 11:39All Companies368 Concord Dr.Activated Alarm.
01/02/2014 22:56All Companies + Rochelle Park99 W. Essex St.Odor of Smoke.
12/31/1969 19:00E18211 Zuber Pl.Odor of Gas.
12/31/1969 19:00T17Mutual Aid to Paramus.Standby.
12/30/2013 11:10T17Mutual Aid to Paramus.
12/29/2013 13:13T17866 Grant Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
12/27/2013 17:23T1745 Parkway.Activated CO Alarm.
12/25/2013 22:15All Companies662 Maywood Ave.
12/23/2013 02:57All Companies125 Essex St.Activated Alarm.
12/22/2013 19:27All Companies702 Briarcliff Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/22/2013 09:27All Companies702 Briarcliff Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/19/2013 14:30T17218 Rte. 17 N., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid request.
12/19/2013 00:30E19Argot Dr., Lodi.Mutual Aid Request for working house fire.
12/31/1969 19:00All Companies216 Cummings Ave.Activated Allarm.
12/18/2013 09:15All Companies216 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/15/2013 16:36All Companies216 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/15/2013 11:47All CompaniesArea of Orchard & Brookdale.Odor of Gas.
12/15/2013 11:37E19Area of Orchard & Brookdale.Odor of Gas.
12/14/2013 21:47All Companies169 Stelling Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/10/2013 21:58All Companies150 E. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/10/2013 01:44All Companies170 E. Central Ave.Smoke in House.
12/09/2013 16:48T1715 Park Ave.Odor of Gas.
12/08/2013 17:04All CompaniesOak & Poplar.Possible Fire.
12/05/2013 13:49R2348 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
12/03/2013 20:12E19Area of Queen of PeaceOdor of gas.
12/03/2013 04:40E19,R23Essex over Rte 17Possible Rollover.
12/01/2013 17:44E18842 Lincoln Ave.Odor of Gas.
11/29/2013 15:43E18545 Spring Valley Rd.Activated CO Alarm.
11/28/2013 02:48E18622 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/27/2013 06:43All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/25/2013 11:17All Companies + Rochelle Park115 Maybrook Dr.Activated Alarm.
11/24/2013 11:36All Companies34 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/22/2013 05:46T174B Elm CourtActivated CO Alarm.
11/20/2013 12:15All CompaniesCoolidge & Wyoming.Odor of Gas.
11/19/2013 12:11E18Oak Ale House.Mulch Fire.
11/18/2013 19:27R23624 Elm St.Activated CO Alarm.
11/16/2013 22:17E18Maywood & Passaic.Brush Fire.
11/16/2013 17:53All Companies + Rochelle Park + SaddleBrook + Hackensack728 Coles St.Smoke Condition in House.
11/16/2013 06:10All CompaniesPossible Electrical Fire.
11/10/2013 17:14All Companies146 Parkway.Propane leak.
11/09/2013 14:46All Companies39 E. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/04/2013 11:18All Companies174 Clinton St.Activated Alarm.
10/30/2013 14:53All Companies65 Hartwich St.Odor of Gas.
10/28/2013 10:03All Companies837 Grant Ave.Odor of gas.
10/26/2013 14:54All Companies234 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/26/2013 09:16All CompaniesBergen Town CenterActivated Alarm.
10/23/2013 18:27All Companies99 W. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
10/23/2013 15:10All Companies930 Spring Valley Rd.Activated Alarm.
10/21/2013 04:30All Companies26-56 Windsor Ct.Activated Alarm.
10/18/2013 23:34All Companies24-30 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/18/2013 15:02E18, E1952 W. Pleasant Ave.Mulch Fire.
10/15/2013 20:07R2313 Beech St.Lift Assist.
10/14/2013 21:34E196 Berry Ct. Area.Smoke Condition.
10/13/2013 15:29All Companies42 E. Central Ave.Tree on Fire.
10/10/2013 23:03All Companies41 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
10/10/2013 13:49All Companies346 Duvier Pl.Activated Alarm.
10/04/2013 11:34All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/03/2013 07:19All Companies83 W. Spring Valley Ave., Bldg. LActivated Alarm.
10/01/2013 12:07E18864 Paterson Ave.Assist Police, Lock Out.
09/30/2013 16:44All Companies174 Roosevelt Pl.Smoking Boiler.
09/29/2013 04:02All CompaniesArea of 173 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/24/2013 11:59All Companies230 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
09/22/2013 20:07All Companies29 W. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
09/22/2013 13:23All Companies29 W. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
09/19/2013 22:10All Companies, Rochelle Park, Hackensack, Paramus621 Briarcliff Ave.Working House Fire.
09/17/2013 17:26All Companies734 Coles St.Smoke in Basement.
09/16/2013 08:11T17Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 96 ParkwayActivated Alarm.
09/15/2013 16:54E18250 Prospect Ave.Trouble Alarm.
09/15/2013 10:38T17Mutual Aid to Saddle Brook.Held in quarters.
09/15/2013 08:52All Companies69 Cedar Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/15/2013 07:20All Companies133 Hammell Place.Activated Alarm.
09/15/2013 03:12All Companies133 Hammell Place.Activated Alarm.
09/15/2013 02:35All Companies133 Hammell Place.Activated Alarm.
09/15/2013 01:41All Companies133 Hammell Place.Activated Alarm.
09/14/2013 23:58E19Brook Ave.Smoke Condition.
09/14/2013 22:11All Companies133 Hammell Place.Activated Alarm.
09/14/2013 11:59FPCollingwood Ave.Traffic Control.
09/13/2013 22:02All Companies133 Hammell Place.Activated Alarm.
09/12/2013 20:09All Companies174 Stone St.Water/Electrical Condition.
09/11/2013 11:05All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/10/2013 14:08E18W. Pleasant Ave.Mulch Fire.
09/09/2013 22:19E18250 Prospect Ave.Trouble Alarm.
09/09/2013 11:08T17Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park.Activated Alarm.
09/08/2013 11:00All Companies39 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/07/2013 19:44E19End of Lenox Ave.Unknown Outside Fire.
09/06/2013 10:50E19Mutual Aid to Lodi.Standby in Firehouse.
09/04/2013 21:44T17Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park.365 Passaic St.
09/03/2013 23:22All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/03/2013 19:17T17553B Elm St.Activated CO Alarm.
09/03/2013 06:20R23Mutual Aid to Lodi.MVA with Entrapment.
09/02/2013 00:15All Companies248 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/01/2013 08:11E18529 Lincoln Ave.Hot Water Heater Problem.
08/31/2013 07:46E19Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park.Working Fire.
08/30/2013 16:20All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/29/2013 16:49All Companies841 Palmer Ave.Odor of Gas in House.
08/28/2013 17:35All Companies216 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/24/2013 17:48T17591 Elm St.Lock Out.
08/22/2013 15:31All Companies41 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/21/2013 21:01All Companies41 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/17/2013 16:18All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Possible Oven Fire.
08/16/2013 20:08All Companies14 Hampton Ct.Smoke Condition.
08/16/2013 19:15E18Maywood & ParkwayMotor Vehicle Accident.
08/11/2013 13:51All Companies.247 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
08/10/2013 16:21All Companies.250 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
08/10/2013 15:48All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/07/2013 08:02All Companies.115 Stelling Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/05/2013 11:14All Companies.52 Howcroft Rd.Smoke Condition.
08/04/2013 12:34T17.227 Prospect Ave.Lock Out.
08/02/2013 10:26T17.Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 65 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
07/31/2013 10:25All Companies.153 Rosalie St.Activated Alarm.
07/30/2013 14:22T17.Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 96 Parkway.Activated Alarm.
07/28/2013 14:48E18, E19.Hergersell Ave.Smoke Condition.
07/26/2013 15:58All Companies.12 W. Magnolia Ave.Odor of Gas.
07/26/2013 03:22E19.Mutual Aid to LodiWorking House Fire.
07/25/2013 07:46All Companies.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/24/2013 21:41All Companies.73 Woodland Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/22/2013 04:30T17.156 Maybrook Dr.Activated CO Alarm.
07/21/2013 01:11All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/20/2013 19:46All Companies.215 Prospect Ave.Odor of something burning.
07/20/2013 19:04All Companies.560 Maywood Ave.Smoldering Mulch.
07/18/2013 21:04E18.214 Stone St.Transformer Explosion.
07/18/2013 20:14E19.842 Lincoln Ave.Transformer Fire.
07/18/2013 18:52E18.17 Thoma Ave.Wires Burning.
07/18/2013 15:27E19.Maywood Pool.Trouble Alarm.
07/16/2013 22:09E18.Bergen & Passaic.Car Fire.
07/16/2013 08:40All Companies.404 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm
07/15/2013 17:20All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/15/2013 07:46All Companies.742 Grant Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/13/2013 12:49All Companies.152 Rosalie St.Activated Alarm.
07/13/2013 04:26All Companies.346 Duvier Pl.Activated Alarm.
07/12/2013 10:12All Companies.135 Washington Ave.Odor of Gasoline.
07/11/2013 11:00All Companies.250 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
07/10/2013 14:28All Companies.150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
07/08/2013 22:42T17.678 Coles St.Activated CO Alarm.
07/08/2013 16:26All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/08/2013 14:05All Companies.45 Parkway.Activated Alarm.
07/08/2013 13:39T17.Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 365 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
07/07/2013 21:36FP.Terrance & Garden.Wires Down.
07/05/2013 12:52T17.Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park, 151 W. Passaic St.Odor of smoke.
07/05/2013 12:22T17.150 E. Passaic St.Elevator Entrapment.
07/04/2013 18:46E18.710 Garden St.BBQ Grill Fire.
07/04/2013 12:50T17.320 Bryron Ave.Lock Out.
07/01/2013 22:55T17.97 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
07/01/2013 15:19All Companies.151 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/01/2013 09:56All Companies.151 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/01/2013 03:16All Companies.205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/30/2013 21:45All Companies.102 E. Fairmount Ave.Fire in Driveway.
06/28/2013 12:27All Companies.750 Coles St.Activated Alarm.
06/28/2013 11:16T17.Mutual Aid to Paramus.117 Rte. 17 S, Working Fire.
06/28/2013 00:51T17.Mutual Aid to Paramus.Our Lady of Visitation Church, Activated Alarm.
06/27/2013 19:07All Companies.99 W. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
06/27/2013 11:26All Companies.150 E. Passaic St.Water in Electrical Outlet.
06/26/2013 18:29T17.121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/26/2013 17:59All Companies.121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/25/2013 19:37T17.Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park.158 Central Ave., Smell of Smoke.
06/24/2013 03:53E18.844 Maywood Ave.Assist Resident with Alarm.
06/21/2013 17:35All Companies.216 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/21/2013 10:44All Companies.93 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/19/2013 23:23All Companies.151 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm..
06/19/2013 15:48E19.Essex & Maywood.MVA with car fire.
06/18/2013 02:28All Companies.151 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/16/2013 05:40E18.77 E. Passaic St.Transformer Fire.
06/14/2013 17:34All Companies.150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
06/11/2013 18:35All Companies.110 Locust Dr.Electrical Fire.
06/11/2013 10:11FP.Maywood & Pleasant.Crossing Detail.
06/11/2013 09:37All Companies.529 Lincoln Ave.Smoking Outlet.
06/02/2013 11:35All Companies.146 E. Central.Odor of Burning in Basement.
06/01/2013 19:01E19.Mutual Aid to Hackensack.Standby in quarters.
06/01/2013 16:19All Companies.Maybrook Dr.Activated Alarm.
06/01/2013 11:24All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/31/1969 19:00All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/30/2013 23:04T17.650 Oak Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
05/30/2013 08:20T17.400 Maywood Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
05/29/2013 21:08T17.711 Coles St.Unknown odor.
05/29/2013 19:55All Companies.151 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/24/2013 14:13All Companies.837 Grant Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/24/2013 13:17T17.53 Grove Ave.Water in Basement.
05/23/2013 18:16All Companies.151 Maywood Ave.Water Flow Alarm.
05/23/2013 15:22All Companies.151 Maywood Ave.Water Flow Alarm.
05/23/2013 08:16T17.400 Maywood Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
05/22/2013 21:03E18.Lincoln & W. Pleasant.Trash Can.
05/22/2013 08:12T17.200 Maywood Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
05/21/2013 13:01R23.Maywood & Beech.MVA with entrapment.
05/20/2013 14:38T17.Bristol Manor, Rochelle ParkMutual Aid - Activated Alarm.
05/18/2013 07:29All Companies.116 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/17/2013 16:59T17.28 E. Fairmount Ave.Pump Out.
05/15/2013 18:12All Companies.Maywood Pool.Trouble Alarm.
05/15/2013 11:45All Companies + Rochelle Park150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
05/14/2013 16:06E18, E19.401 Prospect Ave.Odor of Gas.
05/14/2013 12:46All Companies.63 Washington Ave.Odor of Gas.
12/31/1969 19:00133-135 Hammell Pl.Activated Alarm
05/09/2013 21:57All Companies.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/08/2013 15:55T17.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
05/06/2013 21:52All Companies.117 Lafayette Ave.Smell of Smoke.
05/05/2013 02:49E18.Maywood & Passaic.Assist R23.
05/05/2013 02:44R23.Maywood & Passaic.MVA with entrapment.
05/04/2013 17:03T17.34 W. Magnolia Ave.Freon Leak.
05/03/2013 16:26FP.Maywood & Essex.Assist with Traffic.
05/03/2013 15:45E18.Maywood & Pleasant.Tree Fire.
05/02/2013 12:13All Companies.211 Sanzari Pl.Odor of Gas.
05/02/2013 03:49All Companies.157 Clinton Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/02/2013 03:35All Companies.157 Clinton Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/30/2013 16:32All Companies.218 Cumming Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/26/2013 08:44All Companies.172 E. Central Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/22/2013 14:05T17.Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park.65 W. Passaic St., Smoke Condition.
04/22/2013 08:59All Companies.658 Wyoming Ave.Odor of Electrical Fire.
04/19/2013 00:55All Companies.182 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/18/2013 23:50All Companies.186 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/18/2013 23:16All Companies.158 Clinton St.Activated Alarm.
04/11/2013 07:48T17.125 E. Passaic St.Activated CO Alarm.
04/09/2013 16:36E19.Mutual Aid to Carlstadt.Standby
04/06/2013 06:52All Companies.182 W. Spring Valley Ave.Smoke in building.
04/06/2013 01:56All Companies.75 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/05/2013 20:37All Companies.25 E. Spring Valley Ave.Water Flow Alarm.
04/03/2013 16:15All Companies.230 W. Passaic St.Mulch Fire.
03/31/2013 13:36All Companies.61 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/29/2013 15:10E18.Mutual Aid to Fairlawn.Standby.
03/29/2013 10:42R23.Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park.Rte17 N.
03/26/2013 13:52All Companies.Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park.Gas Leak.
03/22/2013 10:27All Companies.75 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/20/2013 16:55All Companies.248 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm
03/19/2013 05:35E19.Mutual Aid to Garfield.Standby
03/19/2013 05:17E19.Mutual Aid to Lodi.Standby.
03/17/2013 05:35E19.Mutual Aid to Hackensack.Standby.
03/17/2013 05:35R23.Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park.Extraction, Rte 17 S.
03/13/2013 06:52All Companies.408 Palmer Ave.Odor of Gas.
03/10/2013 14:40All Companies.1 Buckingham Ct.Activated Alarm.
03/08/2013 19:54R23.841 Lincoln Ave.Assist EMS.
03/06/2013 05:14T17.129 Locust Dr.Activated CO Alarm.
03/04/2013 12:37All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/01/2013 16:05All Companies.51-53 Essex St.Activated Alarm.
02/28/2013 23:42E18.842 Lincoln Ave.Transformer Fire.
12/31/1969 19:0046 W. Pleasant Ave.Trash Can Fire.
02/28/2013 10:17All Companies.108 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/24/2013 08:24T17.789 Oak Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
02/20/2013 22:34T17.734 Edel Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
02/19/2013 12:52T17.25 Rochelle Ave., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid Activated Alarm.
02/18/2013 22:20All Companies.158 Clinton St.Activated Alarm
02/18/2013 14:15All Companies.87 Rte. 17 North.Activated Alarm.
02/17/2013 10:27T17.326 W. Pleasannt Ave.Broken Water Pipe.
02/14/2013 12:42T17.525 Spring Valley Rd.Activated CO Alarm.
02/13/2013 21:14All Companies. 525 Spring Valley Rd.Activated CO Alarm.
02/12/2013 13:37T17.300 Rochelle Ave., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid, Activted Alarm
02/11/2013 08:04All Companies.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/10/2013 14:34E18.15 Park Ave.Trouble Alarm.
02/10/2013 12:31T17.525 Spring Valley Road.Activated CO Alarm.
02/10/2013 10:07R23.132 Lafayette Ave.Lift Assist.
02/10/2013 01:03All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/06/2013 06:20R23, E19125 Maybrook Dr.Car Into Garage.
02/05/2013 07:55All Companies.404 Palmer Ave.Fire in House.
02/04/2013 01:16T17.12 Loughlin Pl.Activated CO Alarm.
02/03/2013 20:13All Companies.W. Central Ave.Possible Fire.
02/03/2013 00:18E19.444 Rochelle Ave. Rochelle ParkMutual Aid, working fire.
02/02/2013 16:06All Companies.26 Windsor Ct.Activated Alarm.
01/31/2013 20:14E19.Standby in Lodi Fire HeadquartersMutual Aid Request.
01/29/2013 00:53T17.342 Golf Ave.Police Assist.
01/26/2013 21:24All Companies.857 Coles St.Odor of Gas.
01/25/2013 18:30E18.Standby in Paramus Engine 4.Mutual Aid Request.
01/23/2013 21:53All Companies.30 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/19/2013 21:52All Companies.150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
01/19/2013 14:20E19.160 Van Cleve St.Leaking transformer.
01/17/2013 13:05All Companies.652 Elm St.Electrical Fire.
01/15/2013 16:29T17.108 Thoma Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
01/08/2013 13:13T17.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
01/06/2013 02:59All Companies.105 E. Essex St.Odor of Gas.
01/04/2013 10:54All Companies.578 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm
01/02/2013 19:19All Companies.1 Buckingham Ct.Activated Alarm.
12/31/1969 19:00All Companies641 Lincoln Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/31/1969 19:00All Companies.34 Taplin Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/29/2012 18:00E18.472 Bergen Ave.Activated CO Alarm
12/27/2012 04:40All Companies.653 Briarcliff Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/26/2012 20:30R23.Railroad Ave., Rochelle Park.Car in water on railroad tracks.
12/23/2012 22:01T17.553 Elm St.Activated CO Alarm.
12/23/2012 15:07All Companies.Edel Ave.Smoke Conditon.
12/22/2012 11:35All Companies.109A W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/21/2012 06:41All Companies.150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
12/21/2012 04:34All Companies.560 Maywood Ave.Odor of something burning.
12/20/2012 19:01All Companies.450 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/20/2012 17:11T17.19 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
12/18/2012 18:55All Companies.675 Lincoln Ave.Oven Fire.
12/18/2012 07:51E18,E19,Rochelle Park, Hackensack.423 Esplanade.Odor of Gas.
12/17/2012 17:04All Companies.86 Beech St.Odor of Gas.
12/16/2012 02:53E18.Maywood & Passaic.Odor of Gasoline.
12/14/2012 07:32All Companies.408 Davidson St.Activated CO Alarm.
12/13/2012 19:37All Companies, Rochelle Park, Paramus.70 Howcroft Rd.Working Fire.
12/13/2012 19:11E19. Magnolia Ave.Arcing Power Line.
12/13/2012 19:00E19. Magnolia Ave.Arcing Power Line.
12/11/2012 03:17All Companies.25 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm
12/04/2012 20:28All Companies.124 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/03/2012 22:32All Companies.74 Edgewood Pl.Burning odor in Basement.
12/03/2012 19:55T17.709 Briarcliff Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
12/03/2012 06:45T17.685 Edel Ave.Odor of Gas.
11/30/2012 16:07E18.472 Bergen Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
11/29/2012 20:47All Companies.53 Woodland Ave.Smoking Light Socket.
11/28/2012 03:57E19,R23.Essex St., Lodi.Mutual Aid - Gasoline Leak.
11/28/2012 01:38T17.150 E. Passaic St.Activated CO Alarm.
11/26/2012 12:25T17.75 W. Passaic St., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid - Activated Alarm.
11/26/2012 05:11All Companies.633 Palmer Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
11/20/2012 00:51All Companies.121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/19/2012 19:55E18.Maywood School Parking Lot.Brush Fire.
11/15/2012 20:12All Companies.Rte 17 N.Car Fire.
11/15/2012 15:00R23.206 Cumming Ave.Assist EMS.
11/13/2012 11:14All Companies.75 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/12/2012 08:49R23, T17.206 Cumming Ave.Assist EMS.
11/11/2012 16:32All Companies.Area of Brookdale.Odor of Gas.
11/11/2012 15:47E18.Library Parking Lot.Gasoline Leak.
11/10/2012 20:03All Companies.132 Stewart St.Car Fire.
11/08/2012 19:18All Companies.19 W. Pleasnt Ave.Smoke in Building.
11/08/2012 08:44All Companies.121 E. Magnolia Ave.Furnace Smoking.
11/06/2012 17:05All Companies.182 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/06/2012 14:08All Companies.150 E. Passaic St., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid, Activated Alarm.
11/06/2012 12:22All Companies.137 Rte. 17 N.Activated Alarm.
11/06/2012 08:21R23.Berdan & Passaic St., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid, Extracation.
11/06/2012 08:17E19.Overlook Ave., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid, Activated Alarm.
11/04/2012 17:22T17.155 E. Magnolia Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
11/04/2012 13:19All Companies.Spring Valley Rd. & Stavola Pl.Transformer Fire.
11/03/2012 23:46All Companies.105 Grove Ave.
11/02/2012 20:43All Companies.55 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/02/2012 17:47All Companies.116 W. Central Ave.Arcing Wire.
11/02/2012 11:49All Companies.211 Sanzari Pl.Activated Alarm.
11/01/2012 20:02T17.112 Prospect Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
12/31/1969 19:00 205 Maywood Ave.
10/31/2012 21:15E18.675 Jersey Ave.Arcing Wires.
10/31/2012 10:44All Companies.397 Palmer.Smoke in Basement.
10/30/2012 16:27T17.81 W. Pleasant.Hazardous Condition.
10/30/2012 11:52All Companies.156 Prospect Ave.Odor of Gas.
10/30/2012 08:44All Companies.Taplin & Poplar.Pole & Tree Fire.
10/30/2012 07:52All Companies.452 Poplar Ave.Down Wire.
10/30/2012 02:10E18.65 Stelling Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
10/29/2012 22:20 Mutual Aid to Rochelle Park
10/29/2012 20:28 97 Cedar Ave.
10/29/2012 20:16 80 Hammell Pl.
10/29/2012 19:54 693 Oak Ave.
10/29/2012 19:25 106 Hammell Pl.
10/29/2012 19:25 423 Esplanade.
10/29/2012 19:17 81 Thoma Ave.
10/29/2012 19:11 44 W. Magnolia Ave.
10/29/2012 19:11 482 Lawrence St.
10/29/2012 19:11 Beech & Lewis.
10/29/2012 18:23 143 Parkway.
10/29/2012 18:09 50 Grove Ave.
10/29/2012 15:36All Companies.66 E. Fairmount Ave.Odor of Smoke.
10/29/2012 14:54All Companies.469 Hill St.Arcing from Roof.
10/29/2012 14:50All Companies.Maybrook & Brookdale.Transformer Fire.
10/29/2012 11:52 156 Prospect Ave.
10/29/2012 11:30All Companies.220 Parkway.Hum in Wall.
10/29/2012 09:31 452 Maywood Ave.
12/31/1969 19:00411 Golf Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
10/29/2012 08:44 Taplin & Poplar.
10/29/2012 07:20 432 Poplar Ave.
10/29/2012 02:10 65 Stelling Ave.
10/29/2012 01:59 856 Coles St.
10/26/2012 19:08All Companies.Stelling & FelterSmoke on Lawn.
10/25/2012 18:00E19.Maywood & Beech.Odor of gas.
10/25/2012 15:57T17.75 W. Passaic St., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid.
10/24/2012 23:21E19.234A Maywood Ave.Activated Trouble Alarm.
10/24/2012 12:32All Companies.240 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
10/22/2012 11:28All Companies.21 Forest Ave.Person trapped under a car.
10/20/2012 09:33T17.150 E. Passaic St.Activated CO Alarm.
10/16/2012 21:53All Companies.35 E. Spring Valley Ave.Odor of Smoke.
10/13/2012 15:19All Companies + Rochelle Park.103 Orchard Pl.Working Basement Fire.
10/13/2012 11:26All Companies + Rochelle Park.44 E. Central Ave.Smoke Condition.
10/13/2012 10:50All Companies + Rochelle Park.125 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Gas.
10/13/2012 10:05All Companies + Rochelle Park.19 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/09/2012 18:48All Companies.23 Essex Ct. Activated Alarm.
10/07/2012 20:35All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/07/2012 13:54All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/06/2012 14:01All Companies.42 W. Cental Ave.Odor of Gas.
10/04/2012 06:17All Companies.41 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/03/2012 16:23All Companies.644 Grant Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/01/2012 22:32All Companies24-30 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/29/2012 16:10All Companies.33 W. Central Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/26/2012 04:03E18.Area of 150 E. Passaic St.Odor of Gas.
09/25/2012 14:47E19.W. Howcroft Ave.Hazmat Condition.
09/24/2012 19:26All Companies.41 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/23/2012 18:33All Companies.12 Fairway.Activated Alarm.
09/23/2012 16:07All Companies.764 Grant Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/21/2012 22:58T17.862 Lincoln Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
09/19/2012 09:15T17.789 Maywood Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
09/18/2012 19:44FP.Spring Valley & Spring Valley.Traffic Control.
09/18/2012 18:05T17.411 Eslplanade.Activated CO Alarm.
09/18/2012 17:29FP.838 Grant Ave.Traffic Control.
09/18/2012 09:29T17109 N. 5th St., Saddle Brook.Smoke Condition.
09/17/2012 11:52All Companies.98 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/13/2012 14:23All Companies.Pei Wei Diner, Bergen Town Center.Activated Alarm.
09/12/2012 16:52T17, E19.817 Harvey Ave. Rochelle Park.Working House Fire.
09/12/2012 14:58All Companies.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm
09/12/2012 12:30All Companies + Rochelle Park,764 Grant Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/11/2012 18:58E18.Area of Stelling and Coles.Odor of Smoke.
09/11/2012 02:17E18.210 Prospect Ave.Odoor of Gas.
09/10/2012 15:07All Companies.66 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Smoke.
09/10/2012 01:20All Companies.Pei Wei Diner, Bergen Town Center.Activated Alarm.
09/08/2012 00:39T17.535 Spring Valley Rd.Pump Out.
09/08/2012 00:39T17.535 Spring Valley Rd.Pump Out.
09/05/2012 19:39R23.Maywood & Essex.Motor Vehicle Accident.
09/05/2012 19:39R23.Maywood & Essex.Motor Vehicle Accident.
08/30/2012 22:25All Companies.27 W. Pleasant.Activated Alarm.
08/30/2012 22:25All Companies.27 W. Pleasant.Activated Alarm.
08/30/2012 20:03E18.E. Spring Valley Ave.Motor Vehicle Accident.
08/30/2012 20:03E18.E. Spring Valley Ave.Motor Vehicle Accident.
08/29/2012 16:45All Companies.87 Rte 17 N.Activated Alarm.
08/29/2012 16:45All Companies.87 Rte 17 N.Activated Alarm.
08/25/2012 08:30All Companies.20 Maybrook Dr.Odor of Smoke.
08/25/2012 08:30All Companies.20 Maybrook Dr.Odor of Smoke.
08/23/2012 20:39All Companies.177 Van Cleve St.Working House Fire.
08/23/2012 20:39All Companies.177 Van Cleve St.Working House Fire.
08/23/2012 08:45All Companies.827 Spring Valley Rd.Activated Alarm.
08/23/2012 08:45All Companies.827 Spring Valley Rd.Activated Alarm.
08/21/2012 15:16All Companies.87 Rte. 17 N.Water Flow Alarm.
08/21/2012 15:16All Companies.87 Rte. 17 N.Water Flow Alarm.
08/21/2012 04:57T17.417 S. Elm St. Activated CO Alarm.
08/21/2012 04:57T17.417 S. Elm St. Activated CO Alarm.
08/18/2012 22:12All Companies.Area of W. Passaic & Oak.Odor of smoke.
08/15/2012 23:28All Companies.150 E. Passaic St.Smoke Condition.
08/15/2012 17:37All Companies, Hackensack, Paramus, Garfield, Saddle Brook, Rochelle Park, Lodi.Working House Fire.
08/14/2012 17:28E19.147 Lenox Ave.Leaking Gas Can.
08/13/2012 12:19All Companies.162 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Gas.
08/12/2012 15:02All Companies.103 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/11/2012 14:02All Companies.105 E. Fairmount Ave.Oven Fire.
08/11/2012 13:53All Companies.78 Grove Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
08/11/2012 11:19All Companies.87 Rte. 17 N.Activated Alarm.
08/10/2012 19:26All Companies.427 S. Ellm St.Oven Fire.
08/10/2012 01:05E18.116 Woodland Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/07/2012 06:55All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/02/2012 14:20All Companies.248 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/01/2012 16:19All Companies.W. Pleasant Ave.Burning Light Pole
07/30/2012 19:10E19.Rte. 17 N.Truck Fire.
07/30/2012 05:37T17.673 Oak Ave.Activated CO Alarm..
07/30/2012 02:39All Companies.216 Cumming Ave.Activated Alarm
07/29/2012 02:48All Companies.216 Cumming Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/28/2012 09:45E19.Mutual Aid Carlstadt.
07/26/2012 21:45E19.45 Maywood Ave.Burning Telephone Pole.
07/25/2012 18:12T17.650 Oak Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
07/24/2012 08:44All Companies.404 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/08/2012 15:34All Companies.125 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
07/08/2012 03:56T17.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Emergency.
07/06/2012 18:13E18.734 Grant Ave.Transformer Fire.
07/06/2012 17:28E18,E19.734 Grant Ave.Transformer Fire.
07/06/2012 03:18All Companies.226 DeSoto Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/02/2012 19:52All Companies.65 W. Sinniger Pl.Smoke in Basement.
07/02/2012 03:17All Companies.194 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
06/30/2012 19:11T17.153 Rosalie St.Activated CO Alarm.
06/28/2012 13:42All Companies.Maywood and Pleasant.Mulch Fire.
12/31/1969 19:00T17.650 Oak Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
06/26/2012 02:21T17.40 W. Fairmount Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
06/24/2012 16:22All Companies.652 Briarcliff Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/22/2012 10:11All Companies.150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
06/22/2012 09:23All Companies.150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
06/21/2012 15:33All Companies.150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
06/21/2012 07:45T17.400 Maywood Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
06/20/2012 21:09All Companies.120 E. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/18/2012 18:00All Companies.Duanne Reade.Smoke Scare.
06/17/2012 20:56T17.17 Thoma Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
06/14/2012 17:52All Companies.217 Hergersell Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/07/2012 20:33E18, E19.Bergen Mall.Truck Fire.
06/07/2012 12:09All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Water Flow Alarm.
06/06/2012 15:54All Companies.90 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/06/2012 15:33All Companies.101 E. Essex St.Dryer Fire.
06/04/2012 08:04T17.769 Maywood Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
06/02/2012 14:22All Companies.692 Oak Ave.Oven Fire.
06/01/2012 09:42All Companies.100 Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm
05/30/2012 08:04All Companies.15 Park Ave.Activated Trouble Alarm.
05/29/2012 10:55T17.427 Poplar Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
05/28/2012 15:55All Companies.459 Golf Ave.Smoke in House.
05/28/2012 12:43T17.41 E. Passaic St.Assist PD.
05/27/2012 21:17E18.Marcal, Elmwood Park.Mutual Aid.
05/26/2012 18:33E19.Hackensack Fire Hdq.Mutual Aid.
05/25/2012 12:04E18,E19.Maywood Pool.Car Fire.
05/24/2012 10:02All Companies.131 E. Central Ave.Odor of Gas.
05/23/2012 22:05All Companies.150 E. Passaic Street.Activated Alarm.
05/23/2012 07:09All Companies.52-56 Howcroft Rd.Activated Alarm.
05/22/2012 12:34All Companies.30 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/21/2012 18:48All Companies.136 Lenox Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/16/2012 13:30All Companies.240 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
05/16/2012 12:59E18,E19.215 Stavola Pl.Odor of Gas.
05/13/2012 01:52E19.Concord & Magnolia.Odor of Smoke.
05/09/2012 16:46All Companies.216 Cumming Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/05/2012 20:36FP.W. Pleasant & Palmer.Multi MVA.
05/05/2012 18:04All Companies.130 Ackerman St.Activated Alarm.
05/05/2012 12:30All Companies.182 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/05/2012 01:05All Companies.43 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/04/2012 06:35All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/03/2012 14:23All Companies.121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/03/2012 07:08T17.709 Briarcliff Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
05/03/2012 02:00All Companies. 24 Park Ave.Smoke Condition.
04/30/2012 12:46All Companies.661 A Coles St.Water Leak.
04/30/2012 12:18All Companies.83 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/30/2012 12:04All Companies.661 A Coles St.Activated Alarm.
04/25/2012 15:04E18.Elmwood Park.Mutual Aid Standby.
04/25/2012 04:04All Companies.133-135 Hammell Pl.Activated Alarm.
04/20/2012 13:58All Companies.346 Duvier Pl.Fire in backyard.
04/20/2012 13:50T17.Midland School, Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid - Activated Alarm.
04/18/2012 16:58All Companies.661 Wyoming Ave.Odor of gas.
04/14/2012 14:23T17.140 Locust Dr.Police Assist.
04/14/2012 09:34E19.Esplanade & E. Magnolia Ave.Assist Hackensack Fd with gas emergency.
04/11/2012 14:55E19.Standby in Carlstadt.Mutual Aid for brush fire.
04/10/2012 20:33E18.Grove & Maywood.Motor Vehicile Accident.
04/09/2012 22:13T17.Rosalie St.Activated CO Alarm.
04/09/2012 00:15All Companies.607 Palmer Ave.Brush Fire.
04/06/2012 05:32All Companies.254 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/05/2012 15:09All Companies.34 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/30/2012 10:51All Companies.245 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/29/2012 19:22All Companies.76 Locust Ave.Odor of gas.
03/26/2012 23:12All Companies.52-64 Windsor Ct.Activated Alarm.
03/26/2012 12:13T17.730 Edel Ave.Police Assist
03/22/2012 18:51All Companies.135 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
03/19/2012 17:45E19.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/19/2012 17:12All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/19/2012 01:08E18.15 Park Ave.Activated Trouble Alarm.
03/18/2012 17:11E18.15 Park Ave.Activated Trouble Alarm.
03/15/2012 18:36R23.246 Prospect Ave.Lift Assist.
03/15/2012 08:41All Companies.81 Thoma Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/14/2012 19:53All Companies.41 Buckingham Ct.Grease Fire.
03/14/2012 12:13E18.15 Park Ave.Activated Trouble Alarm.
03/13/2012 13:44T17.177 Harding Pl.Activated CO Alarm.
03/13/2012 12:27All Companies.135 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
03/10/2012 10:08All Companies.144 Thoma Ave.Odor of Gas.
03/09/2012 10:31All Companies.82 Sinniger Pl.Activated Alarm.
03/08/2012 23:26R23.56 Belle Ave.Lift Assist.
03/08/2012 12:58All Companies.174 Prospect Ave.Smoke from House.
03/08/2012 09:59T17.Ramada Inn, Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid.
03/07/2012 17:58All Companies.216 Cumming Ave.Activated Alarm.
03/05/2012 10:14All Companies.12 Fairway.Activated Alarm.
03/03/2012 11:15All Companies.Maywood & Howcroft.Activated Alarm.
03/01/2012 08:55E18, E19.Pleasant & Oak.MVA with Wires Down.
02/29/2012 07:46All Companies.827 Lincoln Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/28/2012 13:56E18.12 Fairway.Activated Alarm.
02/26/2012 04:44T17.108 Park Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
02/26/2012 04:32All Companies.108 Park Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/26/2012 00:47All Companies.57 Essex StreetSmoke Condition.
02/23/2012 19:34E18, E19.Elm & Passaic.Motor Vehilcle Accident.
02/23/2012 16:30E18, E19.26 Windsor Ct.Tree on Fire.
02/18/2012 09:47All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/15/2012 15:08All Companies.113 W. Essex St.Water Flow Alarm
02/14/2012 22:36T17.30 E. Spring Valley Ave.Pump Out.
02/13/2012 15:25All Companies.113 W. Essex St.Water Flow Alarm.
02/12/2012 17:14All Companies.334 Golf Ave.Odor of Something Burning.
02/08/2012 10:11All Companies.452 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
02/07/2012 17:05T17.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
02/05/2012 17:30All Companies.124 Hammell Place.Activated Alarm.
02/04/2012 08:32T17.147 Locust Dr.Activated CO Alarm.
02/03/2012 18:33E18.747 Wyoming Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
02/03/2012 18:18T17.747 Wyoming Ave.Activated CO Alarm
02/02/2012 13:24T17.96 Parkway, Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid Request.
02/01/2012 08:32All Companies.452 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/31/2012 06:42E18, E19.Maywood & Essex.Car Fire
01/30/2012 14:28E18,E19,R23.Maywood and Pleasant.Auto Rollover.
01/30/2012 12:30T17.1 Fairway.Activated CO Alarm
01/30/2012 11:50E19.Lodi Fire Headquarters.Mutual Aid Standby.
01/28/2012 10:40All companies.Memorial School.Activated Alarm.
01/28/2012 07:02All Companies.24-30 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/28/2012 02:34All Companies.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/25/2012 12:00All Companies.83 Spring Valley Ave.Water Flow Alarm.
01/24/2012 16:54All Companies.215 Stone St.Activated Alarm.
01/24/2012 00:32All Companies.39 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/23/2012 15:51All Companies.641 Lincoln Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/23/2012 09:23E18.81 E. Pleasant Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
01/16/2012 20:55All Companies.26-56 Windsor Ct.Activated Alarm.
01/16/2012 20:36All Companies.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Possible Steam Condition.
01/16/2012 20:00All Companies.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/16/2012 07:50R23.608 Elm St.Activated CO Alarm.
01/15/2012 09:42All Companies.77 E. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/15/2012 06:53R23.471 S. Elm St.Activated CO Alarm.
01/15/2012 06:03All Companies.741 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/14/2012 11:29All Companies.602 Grant Ave.Possible Chimney Fire.
01/11/2012 19:25All Companies.40 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/11/2012 18:08R23.114 Grove Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
01/09/2012 21:04R23.64 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
01/09/2012 18:47All Companies.Bergen Town Center.Odor of Gas.
01/08/2012 15:47All Companies.245 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/07/2012 15:57All Companies.789 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
01/06/2012 19:46E18.Jersey & Woodland Aves.Odor of gas.
01/01/2012 13:57All Companies.702 Maywood Ave.Fire on Porch.
12/31/1969 19:00 24 E. Magnolia Ave.
12/30/2011 20:38T17.147 Stewart St.Activated CO Alarm.
12/11/2011 09:33All Companies.81 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/09/2011 15:17E18.106 Washington Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
12/07/2011 22:04All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/05/2011 19:11All Companies.644 Oak Ave.Activated Alarm.
12/05/2011 16:35All Companies.15 Park Ave.Smoke Condition.
11/06/2011 10:47E18.44 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Gas.
11/05/2011 16:29E18.44 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of Gas.
11/05/2011 09:51All Companies.838 Edel Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/03/2011 17:03All Companies.21 W. Passaic St.Water in Electrical Fixture.
11/03/2011 11:37E18,E19,RP.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/02/2011 07:28T17.212 Sanzari Pl.Activated CO Alarm
11/01/2011 21:35All Companies.Stavola & Briarcliff.Fire in Yard.
11/01/2011 14:35All Companies.182 Prospect Ave.Odor of Gas.
11/01/2011 13:36All Companies.205 Maywood Ave.Oil Spill on Roof.
11/01/2011 11:36All Companies.140 W. Passaic St.Smoke Condition.
11/01/2011 11:08All Companies.145 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
11/01/2011 07:40All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
11/01/2011 04:43E18.804 Spring Valley Rd.Tree against Wire.
10/31/2011 23:22All Companies.145 W. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
10/31/2011 20:33E19.W. Pleasant & Williams.Transformer Fire.
10/31/2011 18:17All Companies.Passaic & Williams.Smoke Condition.
10/31/2011 15:56All Companies.45 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/31/2011 13:10E19.725 Jersey Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
10/31/2011 12:10E18,E19.887 Grant Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
10/31/2011 12:07E18,E19.601 Edel Ave.Wire Fire.
10/31/2011 08:13T17.400 Maywood Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
10/31/2011 07:36All Companies.34 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/31/2011 05:38All Companies.108 Park Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/30/2011 23:08All Companies + Rochelle Park.811 Spring Valley Rd.Possible House Fire.
10/30/2011 22:38T17.859 Wyoming Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
10/30/2011 20:25E19.57 W. Central Ave.Wire Arcing in Tree.
10/30/2011 18:43T17.25 E. Spring Valley Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
10/30/2011 17:42E18.81 E. Passaic St.Wire down.
10/30/2011 16:45E18.Maywood & Spring Valley Ave.Car smoking.
10/30/2011 07:13T17.170 Lenox Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
10/29/2011 21:46All Companies.205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/29/2011 21:35E18.205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/29/2011 21:32E18.90 E. Fairmount Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
10/29/2011 17:25E18.880 Maywood Ave.
10/29/2011 17:23E19.Duvier & Lenox.
10/29/2011 17:20All Companies.621 Spring Valley Rd.
10/29/2011 16:46T17.650 Oak Ave.
10/29/2011 16:27E19.29 Howcroft Ave.
10/29/2011 16:20R23.Spring Valley Rd & Spring Valley Ave.
10/29/2011 16:07T17,E18.136 Lafayette Ave.
10/29/2011 15:58T17,E18.587 Elm St.
10/29/2011 15:42T17,E18.714 Maywood Ave.
10/29/2011 15:25All Companies.205 Maywood Ave.
10/29/2011 15:00E19.Maywood & Central.
10/29/2011 14:57E18.737 Maywood Ave.
10/29/2011 14:45E19.Maywood & Beech.
10/29/2011 14:35E18.154 Coolidge Ave.
10/29/2011 14:30E18.Passaic & Fairway.
10/29/2011 14:25E19.10 Howcroft Rd.
10/29/2011 14:22T17.Washington & Coles.
10/29/2011 14:20E18.891 Spring Valley Rd.
10/29/2011 14:00All Companies.Standby for Snow Storm.
10/29/2011 13:57E18.137 Belle Ave.Wires down.
10/29/2011 13:30E18.254 W. Spring Valley Ave.Tree into Wires.
10/28/2011 06:13T17.400 Maywood Ave.Elevator Entrapment
10/24/2011 16:40All Companies.644 Oak Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/24/2011 07:05All Companies.47 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/22/2011 19:49All Companies.53 E. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
10/21/2011 19:08All Companies.205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/21/2011 09:21All Companies.47 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/20/2011 22:43All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/16/2011 12:33All Companies.39 E. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/15/2011 20:53T17.35 Essex Ct.Activated CO Alarm.
10/15/2011 19:57T17.45 Hammel Pl.Activated CO Alarm.
10/14/2011 20:30E19.Central & Esplanade.MVA with fuel spill.
10/14/2011 03:33All Companies.197 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/12/2011 19:11T17.154 Thoma Ave.PD Assist.
10/12/2011 12:36T17,E18125 Ward St.Gas Leak.
10/12/2011 12:30E19.Mutual Aid to Paramus.House Fire.
10/11/2011 19:35All Companies.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/09/2011 22:54All Companies.24 - 30 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/09/2011 15:36All Companies.64 Howcroft Ave.Oven Fire.
10/09/2011 01:36All Companies.64 W. Magnolia Ave.Electrical Fire.
10/08/2011 16:51All Companies.661 Palmer Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/04/2011 13:35All Companies.61 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
10/04/2011 11:20E18, E19.100 W. Hunter Ave.Odor of Gas
10/03/2011 16:22E19.30 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Trouble Alarm.
10/03/2011 12:51All Companies.142 W. Central Ave.Smoke Condition.
10/02/2011 17:20T17, E19.178 E. Central Ave.Falling Chimney.
10/02/2011 11:10All Companies.661 Elm St.Activated Alarm.
10/01/2011 20:21All Companies.15 Park Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/28/2011 14:52T17.Midland SchoolMutual Aid to Rochelle Park.
09/27/2011 11:37All Companies.764 Palmer Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/26/2011 18:18T17.663 Spriing Valley Rd.Lockout.
09/26/2011 15:11All Companies.142 W. Central Ave.Smoke Condition.
09/23/2011 20:15All Companies.138 Hartwich St.Activated Alarm.
09/23/2011 06:28T17.32 Beech St.Activated CO Alarm.
09/22/2011 22:24T17.150 E. Passaic St.Elevator Entrapment.
09/22/2011 20:39All Companies.95 Thoma Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/22/2011 13:14All Companies.40 Park Ave.Odor of Gas.
09/21/2011 16:26T17.38 E. Hunter Ave.Assist PD.
09/20/2011 22:17All Companies.51-53 E. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
09/19/2011 23:24T17.100 E. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
09/18/2011 17:01All Companies.182 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/18/2011 15:26All Companies.216 Cumming Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/18/2011 05:24E18.216 Rte. 17 North, Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid, Activated Alarm.
09/17/2011 22:14All Companies.51-53 E. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
09/17/2011 19:38E18.Mutual Aid to Rochelle ParkCar Fire at Dairy Queen.
09/17/2011 14:29E18.160 Rochelle Ave., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid, Activated Alarm.
09/16/2011 21:19All Companies.216 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/16/2011 17:07All Companies.124 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/16/2011 09:00E18.37 Terrace Ave., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid, Activated Alarm.
09/15/2011 22:18All Companies.51-53 E. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
09/15/2011 18:20E18Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid.
09/15/2011 02:09All Companies.111 Maybrook Dr.Man on Fire.
09/15/2011 01:49All Companies.125 E. Passaic St.Basement Fire.
09/14/2011 10:43All Companies + Rochelle Park.124 W. Pleasant Ave.Basement Fire.
09/13/2011 12:16All Companies + Rochelle Park102 Howcroft Ave.Apartment Fire.
09/13/2011 10:10All Companies + Rochelle Park698 Briarcliff Ave.Smoke Condition.
09/12/2011 22:19E18, E19.51-53 E. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
09/12/2011 05:07All Companies.443 Poplar Ave.Fence on Fire.
09/11/2011 17:53All Companies.157 Louis St.Oven Fire.
09/11/2011 15:50All Companies + RP Truck.400 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/11/2011 14:43E18.764 Grant Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/06/2011 22:10T17.694 Palmer Ave.Water Emergency.
09/02/2011 12:07All Companies.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
09/02/2011 07:07FP.Maywood & Spring Valley.Traffic Control.
09/01/2011 20:58T17.650 Oak Ave.PD Assist, Water in Basement.
09/01/2011 15:31T17.661 Palmer Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
09/01/2011 10:11T17.106 W. Central Ave.Activated CO. Alarm.
08/30/2011 23:08E18.Vicinity of 693 Oak Ave.Odor of Gas.
08/30/2011 20:15All Companies.685 Jersey Ave.BBQ Grill Fire.
08/30/2011 15:20E19.Mutual Aid to Lodi.Working House Fire.
08/30/2011 13:07FP. Traffic Control.
08/30/2011 11:51E19.179 W. Central Ave.Odor of Gas.
08/30/2011 11:41All Companies.649 Briarcliff Ave.Odor of Gas.
08/30/2011 10:30All Companies.Memorial School.Activated Alarm.
08/30/2011 08:52All Companies.Swim Club.Special Detail.
08/30/2011 04:51T17.771 Palmer Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
08/29/2011 15:05FP.Spring & Spring.Traffic Control.
08/29/2011 10:23All Companies.91 Maywood Ave.Odor of Gas.
08/28/2011 20:34T17.26 W. Central Ave.Water Condition.
08/28/2011 19:22All Companies.125 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
08/28/2011 19:17FP.Maywood & Central.Traffic Control.
08/28/2011 17:40FP.Spring & Spring.Traffic Control.
08/28/2011 15:32All Companies.620 Palmer Ave.Water Condition.
08/28/2011 15:05E18.Duvier Pl.Arching Transformer.
08/28/2011 13:46E19.Rochelle ParkMutual Aid.
08/28/2011 06:00All Companies.Hurricane Standby.
08/28/2011 00:00All Companies.Many Locations.Numerous Storm related calls.
08/27/2011 23:39All Companies.468 Golf Ave.Smoke Scare.
08/27/2011 23:26All Companies.216 Cumming Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/27/2011 21:00All Companies + RP Truck.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/25/2011 19:18All Companies.765 Briarcliff Ave.Strange Odor.
08/22/2011 13:16E18, E19.28 Windsor Ct.Activated Alarm.
08/21/2011 21:49E18, E19.34 Coolidge Ave.Oven Fire.
08/21/2011 18:14E18, E19.Brook by Hergersell Ave.Hazmat Condition.
08/19/2011 21:21E18.124 Stelling Ave.Basement Pump out.
08/18/2011 09:36E18.135 Locust Drive.Odor of gas.
08/17/2011 16:57E18.3 Elizabeth Ct.Activated Alarm.
08/15/2011 07:15FP. Assist PD with down power line.
08/14/2011 20:19All Companies.462 Poplar Ave.Activated Alarm.
08/08/2011 19:00All Companies.Terrace Ave.Smoke reported.
08/03/2011 22:09E19.172 E. Central Ave.Odor of Gas.
08/02/2011 03:40All Companies.81 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/31/2011 16:31All Companies.152 Coolidge Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/28/2011 02:22T17.150 E. Passaic St.Elevator Emergency.
07/26/2011 12:58E18, E19.77 Lenox Ave.Wire Fire.
07/18/2011 15:35E18, E19.W. Pleasant Ave.Mulch fire.
07/17/2011 17:12E18.Spencer Joseph Way.Mulch fire.
07/16/2011 15:18All Companies.111 E. Passaic St.Odor something burning.
07/15/2011 08:20All Companies.136 Lafayette Ave.Electrical fire.
07/15/2011 08:14All Companies.28 Washington Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/14/2011 13:53T17.96 Parkway, Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid, activated alarm.
07/14/2011 00:08FP.Maywood & Berry Ct.Assist PD at MVA.
07/13/2011 12:07T17.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator entrapment.
07/12/2011 02:09T17.585 Maywood Ave.Basement pump out.
07/11/2011 16:13T17.375 W. Passaic St., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid, Ramada Inn.
07/06/2011 20:31T17.26 Windsor Ct.PD Assist.
07/03/2011 11:04All Companies.24 - 30 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
07/02/2011 10:23T17.158 Clinton Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
06/30/2011 18:36E18.Fairmount Ave. by Grant Ave.Odor of gas.
06/30/2011 18:34E19.Rt.17, Lodi.Mutual Aid to Lodi, Odor of gas.
06/25/2011 21:23All Companies.123 Grove Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
06/24/2011 12:52E18,E19,Rochelle Park, Hackensack.250 Parkway.Kitchen Fire.
06/24/2011 05:18All Companies.462 Poplar Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/23/2011 12:49E18,E19,R23,RP.Passaic St. and Esplanade.MVA with Entrapment.
06/22/2011 17:21E18,E19.116 Hammel Place.Possible Dumpster Fire.
06/21/2011 16:49E19,R23.Maywood Pool.Child with head caught in fence.
06/21/2011 14:51All Companies.697 Briarcliff Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/21/2011 06:20T17.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
06/20/2011 17:34All Companies.216 Cummings Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/19/2011 21:47T17.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator Entrapment.
06/18/2011 13:21E18.251 Rochelle Ave., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid - Activated Alarm.
06/17/2011 20:54All Companies.225 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/17/2011 19:31E19.114 W. Essex St., Rochelle Park.Activated Alarm.
06/16/2011 20:40All Companies.125 E. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
06/15/2011 19:42All Companies.283 Ramapo Ave.Oven Fire.
06/15/2011 13:49All Companies.51 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/13/2011 08:38T17.Ramada Inn, Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid.
06/12/2011 14:50All Companies.95 Thoma Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/11/2011 17:58All Companies.Beech and Brookdale.Activated Alarm.
06/11/2011 14:17E19.Municipal Pool.Generator Alarm.
06/08/2011 22:43All Companies.35 Buckingham Ct.Unknown audible Alarm.
06/08/2011 20:02All Companies.98 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
06/08/2011 17:17T17.251 Rochelle Ave, RP.Microwave Fire.
06/07/2011 22:34All Companies.49 Park Ave.Odor of Gas.
06/06/2011 08:42All Companies.Beech and Brookdale.Activated Alarm.
06/05/2011 09:46All Companies.942 Spring Valley Rd.Activated Alarm.
06/04/2011 11:19T17.117 Howard Ave., Rochelle Park.Working House Fire.
06/03/2011 13:22All Companies + RP.104 W. Pleasant Ave.Auto into a bldg.
06/01/2011 16:16FP.E. Central and Espanade.Assist PD with MVA.
05/30/2011 18:05All Companies.150 E. Passaic St.Activated Alarm.
05/29/2011 12:34All Companies.132 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/27/2011 08:07All Companies.104 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/25/2011 15:03All Companies.15 Park Ave.Odor of Smoke.
05/25/2011 03:51All Companies.621 Spring Valley Rd.Activated Alarm.
05/25/2011 01:27T17.99 E. Pleasant Ave.Assist PD.
05/23/2011 17:21All Companies.216 Cumming Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/23/2011 14:50T17.96 Parkway, Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid, Activated Alarm.
05/22/2011 20:30T17.59 Parkway.Activated CO Alarm.
05/21/2011 21:12All Companies.134 E. Pleasant Ave.Fire.
05/19/2011 18:59All Companies.20 Pleasant Court.Smoke Condition.
05/19/2011 09:36All Companies.151 Thoma Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/19/2011 09:31E18.53 Grove Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
05/18/2011 17:50T17.8 Fairway.Activated CO Alarm.
05/18/2011 14:43T17.8 Fairway.Activated CO Alarm.
05/17/2011 20:12T17.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator entrapment.
05/16/2011 14:22All Companies.100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/16/2011 08:19All Companies.Standby in quarters.Possible PD Assist.
05/14/2011 14:45T17.75 W. Passaic St., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid, Activated Alarm.
05/14/2011 07:00T17.96 Parkway, Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid, Smoke Condition.
05/14/2011 06:04All Companies.205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/13/2011 23:33All Companies.61 E. Fairmount Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/12/2011 13:44All Companies.205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/11/2011 14:12All Companies.89 Hammell Place.Activated Alarm.
05/10/2011 16:11All Companies.182 Prospect Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/10/2011 11:55T17.405 Rochelle Ave., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid.
05/10/2011 07:15All Companies.89 Hammell Place.Activated Alarm.
05/10/2011 03:22All Companies.205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/08/2011 11:21All Companies.34 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/08/2011 10:51All Companies.34 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/08/2011 09:37All Companies.417 Oak Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/08/2011 03:20All Companies.205 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
05/06/2011 20:55All Companies.469 Hill St.Possible Fire.
05/06/2011 12:20E18, E19.Park & Elm.MVA with rollover.
05/04/2011 20:46T17.River Edge Co. #1 Firehouse.Mutual Aid.
04/29/2011 02:21T17.624 Elm St.Activated CO Alarm.
04/29/2011 01:58All Companies.Hammell & Maybrook.Activated Alarm.
04/25/2011 20:07T17.147 Locust Drive.Activated CO Alarm.
04/25/2011 15:46All Companies.148 Romaine Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/24/2011 19:01All Companies.158 Ward St.Odor of gas.
04/24/2011 01:50R23.Garden State Parkway.Mutual aid, MVA, Rochelle Park.
04/22/2011 10:57T17.96 Parkway, Rochelle Park. Mutual aid, Activated Alarm.
04/22/2011 09:51All Companies.101 E. Essex St.Activated Alarm.
04/21/2011 18:57All Companies.73 Thoma Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/21/2011 12:26All Companies.99 Orchard Pl.Activated Alarm.
04/21/2011 09:17All Companies.452 Maywood Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/20/2011 21:21All Companies.100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated Alarm.
04/20/2011 09:01T17.849 Lincoln Ave.Activated CO Alarm.
04/18/2011 20:41E19.100 W. Hunter Ave.Possible Hazmat Condition.
04/18/2011 13:22All Companies.104 W. Pleasant Ave.Hazmat Condition.
04/17/2011 13:01All Companies104 W. Pleasant Ave.Oil spill
04/16/2011 20:31FPMaywood & Central.Power outage
04/14/2011 17:37All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Activated alarm
04/12/2011 08:58R23246 Prospect Ave.EMS assist
04/11/2011 09:04T1775 W. Passaic St., Rochelle Park.Mutual Aid Request
04/09/2011 21:00All Companies44 Windsor Ct.Activated alarm
04/09/2011 10:07All Companies28 Windsor Ct.Activated alarm
04/09/2011 10:01All Companies34 Windsor Ct.Activated alarm
04/08/2011 03:48T1738 W. Magnolia Ave.CO alarm
04/07/2011 17:20All Companies99 E. Essex St.Activated alarm
04/06/2011 09:07All CompaniesW. Magnolia Ave.Odor of Gas
04/06/2011 04:34T1744 Windsor Ct.CO alarm
04/05/2011 14:51All Companies205 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
04/04/2011 10:03All Companies102 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated alarm
04/04/2011 01:37T1740 Stelling Ave.CO alarm
03/31/2011 18:08All Companies553 Elm St.Activated alarm
03/29/2011 09:51T17100 W. Magnolia Ave.Elevator entrapment
03/28/2011 16:28All Companies133 Beech St.Electrical fire
03/28/2011 13:46T17648 Grant Ave.CO alarm
03/27/2011 19:25All Companies101 E. Essex St.Working fire
03/26/2011 15:18All CompaniesLawrence St.Smoke condition
03/26/2011 14:07All Companies686 Palmer Ave.Activated alarm
03/25/2011 11:24R23, E19122 W. Central Ave.Overturned vehicle
03/19/2011 16:27All Companies45 Walnut Rd.Activated alarm
03/19/2011 05:25T1730 E. Spring Valley Ave.Pump out
03/18/2011 18:36E18Garfield Co. 5 quarters.Mutual Aid Standby
03/17/2011 20:26All Companies853 Coles St.Odor of gas
03/15/2011 09:23All Companies104 Beech St.Activated boiler alarm
03/15/2011 02:01All Companies104 Beech St.Activated alarm
03/14/2011 23:27All Companies104 Beech St.Activated alarm
03/12/2011 16:13All Companies685 Oak Ave.Odor of something burning
03/11/2011 19:33E19End of Prospect.Police assist
03/11/2011 17:25FPSpring and Spring.Relieve current crew
03/11/2011 16:09All CompaniesMemorial School.Activated alarm
03/11/2011 14:32FPSpring and Spring.Police assist
03/08/2011 16:45E1823-30 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
03/08/2011 15:34T17218 Rte. 17 N., Rochelle Park.Mutual aid
03/07/2011 21:28All Companies158 Clinton St.Odor of something burning
03/07/2011 03:13T17638 Grant Ave.CO alarm
03/03/2011 12:23All Companies125 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
02/26/2011 19:46E18652 Elm St.CO alarm
02/26/2011 10:18E18134 W. Pleasant Ave.Working garbage can fire
02/25/2011 09:26T17838 Lincoln Ave.CO alarm
02/22/2011 15:02E18853 Coles St.Police assist
02/19/2011 18:17All CompaniesMaywood & Passaic.Working Fire
02/18/2011 15:14E18853 Coles St.Police Assist
02/18/2011 15:05All Companies560 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
02/16/2011 21:06All Companies32 Windsor Ct.Activated alarm
02/14/2011 13:19All CompaniesMaybrook & Windsor Ct.Activated alarm
02/10/2011 22:14All Companies25 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
02/09/2011 13:19All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated alarm
02/06/2011 17:18All Companies685 Jersey Ave.Grease fire
02/05/2011 19:35R23Rochelle Park, Route 17 NMVA with entrapment
02/04/2011 22:00All Companies22 Windsor Ct.Activated alarm
02/04/2011 08:29All CompaniesW. Fairmount Ave. & Edel Ave.Odor of gas
02/03/2011 18:24E18W. Pleasant Ave. & Wyoming Ave.Odor of gas
02/02/2011 16:20E18Rochelle Park, 195 Route 17 SSmoke in building
02/02/2011 16:18T17Rochelle Park, Ramada InnActivated alarm
01/31/2011 13:57T17647 Edel Ave.Chimney problem
01/31/2011 00:34E18Orchard & BrookdaleOdor of gas
01/26/2011 17:17FPMaywood & Spring ValleyTraffic assist
01/26/2011 13:13FP173 W. Pleasant Ave.Traffic control
01/26/2011 11:22All Companies173 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of gas
01/26/2011 00:21All Companies93 Demarest Pl.Odor of something burning
01/24/2011 21:07All Companies103 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
01/24/2011 11:05All Companies
Rochelle Park
845 Palmer Ave.Activated alarm
01/24/2011 06:18All Companies77 E. Hunter.Activated alarm
01/24/2011 04:09All Companies53 Grove Ave.Activated alarm
01/24/2011 02:39All Companies57 Grove Ave.Activated alarm
01/22/2011 19:05All CompaniesVelocity 17Activated alarm
01/22/2011 17:34E19Maywood & EssexOdor of gas
01/22/2011 00:04E1840 Lafayette Ave.Down electric line
01/20/2011 15:26All Companies459 Maywood Ave.Odor of gas
01/19/2011 12:39All Companies205 E. Hunter Ave.Odor of gas
01/18/2011 09:00T17Rochelle Park, Ramanda InnTransformer fire
01/17/2011 13:22T17Rochelle Park, 96 ParkwayMutual aid
01/17/2011 06:22T17Rochelle Park, 96 ParkwayMutual aid
01/16/2011 00:32All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Odor of smoke
01/15/2011 22:01T1746 Taplin Ave.CO alarm
01/15/2011 13:51T17158 Thoma Ave.Pump out
01/15/2011 12:10All Companies199 Zuber Pl.Odor of gas
01/15/2011 11:10T17Rochelle Park, 96 ParkwayMutual aid
01/15/2011 03:19All Companies850 Palmer Ave.Activated alarm
01/12/2011 20:14All Companies81 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
01/12/2011 08:52All Companies103 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
01/11/2011 15:31T17847 Oak Ave.CO alarm
01/11/2011 09:50E18Hackensack, State St. Firehouse.Mutual aid
01/10/2011 13:47All Companies38 E. Pleasant Avenue.Activated alarm
01/08/2011 13:44T1765 Howcroft Ave.Forceable entry
01/06/2011 17:40All Companies120 Maybrook Dr.Activated alarm
01/06/2011 16:58All Companies120 Maybrook Dr.Activated alarm
01/05/2011 09:35All Companies
Rochelle Park
135 E. Passaic St.Activated alarm
01/04/2011 21:45All Companies
Rochelle Park
93 Stelling Ave.Activated alarm
01/04/2011 17:33All Companies152 Prospect Ave.Activated alarm
01/02/2011 19:21All Companies169 Van Cleve St.Smoke condition
01/01/2011 12:37All Companies608 Grant Ave.Activated alarm
01/01/2011 11:02All Companies375 Golf Ave.Odor of gas
12/30/2010 09:33All Companies803 Maywood Ave.CO alarm
12/28/2010 18:59All Companies77 E. Hunter Ave.Odor of gas
12/28/2010 14:45All Companies45 Walnut St.Activated alarm
12/27/2010 19:22All CompaniesRespective Fire HousesShovel hydrants
12/27/2010 08:22All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
12/26/2010 22:14All Companies753 Briarcliff Ave.Possible stove fire
12/26/2010 19:00All CompaniesRespective Fire HousesStand-by
12/23/2010 10:23All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
12/22/2010 19:09T17103 Cedar Ave.CO alarm
12/22/2010 16:14All Companies404 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
12/21/2010 19:41T17807 Maywood Ave.CO alarm
12/19/2010 11:47T17150 E. Passaic St.CO alarm
12/18/2010 23:39T1781 Beech St.CO alarm
12/18/2010 22:51All Companies92 Stelling Ave.Activated alarm
12/17/2010 22:24R2392 Stelling Ave.Assist EMS with a lift
12/17/2010 21:40T17105 Prospect Ave.Water in basement
12/17/2010 17:21E1930 W. Hunter.Standby for water emergency
12/17/2010 11:51All CompaniesRespective Fire HousesStandby for water emergency
12/16/2010 08:25T17341 Maywood Ave.Water in basement
12/15/2010 23:06All CompaniesMaywood Ave. & Central Ave.Water main break
12/13/2010 12:07All Companies169 Stelling Ave.Activated alarm
12/11/2010 16:32T17590 Palmer Ave.Assist police department
12/11/2010 15:12All Companies51-53 Essex St.Activated alarm
12/11/2010 11:03All Companies33 W. Central Ave.Activated alarm
12/10/2010 11:22E18, E19Esplanade & Central Ave.Motor vehicle accident
12/08/2010 15:56T17245 Maywood Ave.Assist police department
12/08/2010 01:43All Companies83 Maybrook Dr.Odor of gas
12/07/2010 16:17T1740 W. Central Ave.CO alarm
12/06/2010 17:30All Companies83 E. Hunter Ave.Odor of gas
12/05/2010 20:20E18Centennial ParkWorking leaf fire
12/05/2010 19:08All Companies125 ParkwayActivated alarm
12/05/2010 18:21All Companies30 Grove Ave.Working kitchen fire
12/04/2010 10:49T17180 E. Spring Valley Ave.CO alarm
12/01/2010 09:04T17Paramus, 101 Route 4 WMutual aid, Stand by
11/30/2010 09:10All Companies
Rochelle Park
150 E. Passaic St.
11/30/2010 00:02All Companies216 Cumming Ave.Activated alarm
11/29/2010 16:09All Companies452 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
11/28/2010 12:43All Companies404 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
11/25/2010 09:19All Companies107 Essex St.Activated alarm
11/23/2010 16:34All Companies
Rochelle Park
69 Beech St.Working house fire
11/22/2010 22:25E18Memorial ParkWorking garbage can fire
11/21/2010 14:42T17459 Maywood Ave.Assist police department
11/20/2010 16:10E18108 Stelling Ave.Burning leaves
11/19/2010 18:25All Companies404 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
11/19/2010 15:19E18714 Maywood Ave.Assist police department
11/18/2010 18:03T17Rochelle Park, 235 W. Passaic St.Mutual aid, Odor of smoke
11/18/2010 14:13All Companies764 Grant Ave.Activated alarm
11/17/2010 18:25T17172 Central Ave.CO alarm
11/17/2010 13:12FP141 W. Magnolia Ave.Assist police department
11/17/2010 05:32All Companies12 Maybrook Dr.Odor of natural gas
11/17/2010 00:05T17675 Grant Ave.CO alarm
11/16/2010 23:08E1930 W. Hunter Ave.Activated trouble alarm
11/15/2010 17:23All Companies158 Clinton St.Activated alarm
11/14/2010 16:12All Companies248 Prospect Ave.Activated alarm
11/12/2010 15:57All Companies182 Prospect Ave.Activated alarm
11/12/2010 08:26T17Rochelle Park, 48 Rochelle Ave.Mutual aid, Oven fire
11/11/2010 19:21E18678 Maywood Ave.Fuel spill
11/11/2010 15:10FPTraffic Duty
11/11/2010 14:52E18, E19Rochelle Park, Route 17 NorthMutual aid, hazardous condition
11/11/2010 11:50All Companies476 Oak Ave.Odor of something burning
11/11/2010 10:36T177 E. Pleasant Ave.CO alarm
11/09/2010 22:27All Companies42 E. Magnolia Ave.Smell of smoke
11/09/2010 10:08All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Water flow alarm
11/08/2010 17:44All Companies21 E. Pleasant Ave.Smell of smoke
11/07/2010 06:04T17Rochelle Park, 65 W. Passaic St.Mutual aid, Activated alarm
11/03/2010 12:41All Companies98 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated alarm
11/02/2010 15:48All Companies764 Grant Ave.Activated alarm
11/02/2010 07:37T1776 Demarest Pl.CO alarm
11/02/2010 06:34T17230 Parkway.CO alarm
11/01/2010 14:02T17Rochelle Park, 235 W. Passaic St.Mutual aid, Activated alarm
11/01/2010 08:26All Companies847 Oak Ave.Activated alarm
10/30/2010 09:19All Companies205 E. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
10/29/2010 21:12E18Mendez Ave. & Grant Ave.Odor of gas
10/28/2010 08:45All Companies243 W. Passaic St.Activated alarm
10/27/2010 18:05All Companies43 Hergersell Ave.Activated alarm
10/27/2010 07:35E18, E19Route 17 NorthTruck fire
10/24/2010 16:52E19Rochelle Park, Route 17 NorthMutual aid, Activated alarm
10/24/2010 02:47All Companies882 Wyoming Ave.Smell of smoke
10/17/2010 08:49All CompaniesPark Ave. & Elm St.Smoke condition
10/16/2010 20:55All Companies250 Prospect Ave.Activated alarm
10/16/2010 17:50All Companies125 E. Passaic St.Activated alarm
10/14/2010 18:51E18Briarcliff Ave.Wire fire
10/13/2010 19:28All Companies789 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
10/13/2010 16:09All Companies949 Spring Valley Rd.Activated alarm
10/11/2010 21:01All Companies479 Oak Ave.Odor of smoke
10/11/2010 15:18All CompaniesMaybrook Dr.Activated alarm
10/10/2010 14:20All CompaniesWyoming Ave. & Spring Valley Ave.Odor of gas
10/10/2010 07:41All Companies131 Maybrook Dr.Activated alarm
10/10/2010 05:21All Companies15 Park Ave.Odor of smoke
10/07/2010 21:54All Companies140 W. Passaic St.Odor of gas
10/07/2010 21:34All Companies105 Grove Ave.Activated alarm
10/03/2010 21:44T1740 Demarest Pl.CO alarm
10/02/2010 13:27All Companies158 Clinton St.Activated alarm
10/01/2010 22:00All Companies459 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm, smoke condition
10/01/2010 13:18All Companies439 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
10/01/2010 11:10All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
10/01/2010 08:36All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
10/01/2010 04:34FP15 Park Ave.Multiple traffic lights out
09/30/2010 13:41FPElm St.Tree down
09/30/2010 09:48All CompaniesWindsor Ct.Activated alarm
09/30/2010 05:48All Companies166 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
09/29/2010 00:46E18, E19Route 17 SouthTruck fire
09/27/2010 14:53FPSpring Valley Rd. & Spring Valley Ave.Traffic duty
09/25/2010 07:02All Companies60 Orchard Place.Smoke condition
09/21/2010 13:28T17Paramus, Station 4Mutal aid, house fire
09/19/2010 10:27T17400 Maywood Ave.Stuck elevator
09/19/2010 10:25All Companies400 Maywood Ave.Stuck elevator
09/18/2010 01:57All Companies95 Essex St.Activated alarm
09/17/2010 18:18All Companies240 Prospect Ave.Odor of gas
09/17/2010 14:17T17Rochelle Park, 96 ParkwayActivated alarm
09/17/2010 06:38E18, E19Sears parking lotTruck fire
09/15/2010 19:34All Companies74 E. Fairmount Ave.Odor of gas
09/13/2010 18:48All Companies99 W. Essex St.Activated alarm
09/13/2010 03:13All Companies99 W. Essex St.Activated alarm
09/11/2010 08:08All Companies99 W. Essex St.Activated alarm
09/10/2010 08:40All Companies99 W. Essex St.Activated alarm
09/10/2010 08:23All Companies99 W. Essex St.Activated alarm
09/06/2010 00:05E1875 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
09/05/2010 18:36All Companies75 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
09/05/2010 16:45All Companies75 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
09/05/2010 15:25All Companies75 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
09/05/2010 01:21T17102 Beech St.CO alarm
09/04/2010 22:06E18698 Coles St.Branch on wire, arcing
09/04/2010 04:54T17133 Conklin Ave.Basement water leak
09/03/2010 15:21E18, R2322 Terrace Ave.Motor vehicle into house
09/02/2010 08:26All Companies789 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
09/01/2010 13:09E18Rochelle Park, 43 Central Ave.Mutual aid, CO alarm
09/01/2010 01:40All Companies147 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated alarm
08/31/2010 16:15T17464 Davidson St.CO alarm
08/30/2010 00:59All Companies205 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
08/27/2010 19:17All Companies205 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
08/27/2010 15:55T17Rochelle Park, 75 W. Passaic St.Mutual aid
08/27/2010 10:41T17Rochelle Park, 75 W. Passaic St.Mutual aid
08/26/2010 17:53All Companies764 Grant Ave.Activated alarm
08/26/2010 16:54All Companies125 Essex St.Activated alarm
08/25/2010 21:38All Companies83 Maybrook Dr.Odor of gas
08/24/2010 14:44All Companies154 Thoma Ave.Activated alarm
08/23/2010 16:37All Companies250 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
08/20/2010 20:35All Companies662 Palmer Ave.Odor of smoke
08/20/2010 14:50T17620 Edel Ave.Assist police department
08/20/2010 13:58All Companies560 Spring Valley Rd.Smoking outlet
08/20/2010 11:53T17Rochelle Park, 65 Passaic St.Mutual aid
08/18/2010 14:37All Companies99 Essex St.Smoke in building
08/17/2010 03:45E1815 Park Ave.Trouble alarm
08/16/2010 22:53E1815 Park Ave.Trouble alarm
08/12/2010 13:24E18, R23Maywood & PassaicMVA extrication
08/11/2010 19:20E18Stelling Ave. & Coles St.Arcing transformer
08/09/2010 12:22All Companies36 W. Central Ave.Odor of gas
08/09/2010 07:55All Companies789 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
08/07/2010 10:47All Companies125 Essex St.Activated alarm
08/06/2010 21:45T17Essex St.Water Leak.
08/06/2010 10:11All CompaniesMaywood PoolActivated alarm
08/05/2010 06:52T1736 Beech St.CO alarm
08/04/2010 10:43T17Rochelle Park, 336 W. Passaic St.Mutual aid, Heavy smoke in building
08/03/2010 02:51T1792 Demarest Pl.CO alarm
07/31/2010 17:50All Companies97 Buckingham Ct.Activated alarm
07/31/2010 00:41All Companies99 W. Essex St.Activated alarm
07/29/2010 06:05E18, E19764 Grant Ave.Possible car fire
07/28/2010 19:22Alll Companies205 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
07/28/2010 03:21All Companies525 Spring Valley Rd.Activated alarm
07/28/2010 01:16All Companies525 Spring Valley Rd.Activated alarm
07/27/2010 21:30T17661 Elm St.CO alarm
07/27/2010 00:30All Companies125 Essex St.Activated alarm
07/26/2010 17:07E18Lodi, Woodside Ave.Mutual aid, house fire
07/26/2010 16:08E18Spring Valley Rd. & Spring Valley Ave.Odor of gas
07/17/2010 01:03All Companies28 Washington Ave.Activated alarm
07/16/2010 13:12E1930 W. Hunter Ave.OEM assist
07/15/2010 23:23All Companies35 Buckingham Ct.Odor of something burning
07/15/2010 07:01All Companies461 Poplar Ave.Odor of gas
07/14/2010 21:39E18Parkway & Wyoming Ave.Wire on fire
07/13/2010 19:31All Companies99 W. Essex St.Activated alarm
07/12/2010 15:04T17Rochelle Park, 96 ParkwayMutual aid, Activated alarm
07/11/2010 03:53All Companies35 Maybrook Dr.Possible structure fire
07/09/2010 09:24All Companies404 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
07/07/2010 05:26All Companies25 E. Spring Valley Ave.Activated alarm
07/06/2010 23:29T1750 Orchard Pl.Water leak
07/06/2010 09:27T17Rochelle Park, 55 W. Passaic St.Mutual aid, Activated alarm
06/30/2010 10:53T17Rochelle Park, 300 Rochelle Ave.Mutual aid, Activated alarm
06/29/2010 23:35All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
06/27/2010 09:05All Companies104 Cedar Ave.Smoking wire
06/26/2010 19:16T17729 Jersey Ave.CO alarm
06/26/2010 10:50All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
06/24/2010 15:47All Companies250 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
06/23/2010 16:13T17681 Jersey Ave.Forceable entry
06/20/2010 01:34All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
06/20/2010 01:08All Companies125 Essex St.Activated alarm
06/19/2010 04:43All CompaniesMaybrook Dr. & Buckingham Ct.Alarm sounding
06/17/2010 11:07R23Rochelle Park, Route 17 SouthMutual aid, MVA extrication
06/16/2010 16:39All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
06/16/2010 01:39R23Rochelle Park, Route 17 SouthMutual aid, MVA extrication
06/13/2010 19:36E1890 W. Spring Valley Ave.Motor vehicle accident
06/13/2010 16:48All Companies138 Clinton St.Activated alarm
06/11/2010 13:04All Companies121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
06/10/2010 12:32All Companies119 E. Passaic St.Activated alarm
06/08/2010 00:46E19Lodi, 328 Essex St.Mutual aid, working fire
06/07/2010 07:07T17135 Maybrook Dr.Assist police department
06/06/2010 20:51T1737 E. Pleasant Ave.CO Alarm
06/06/2010 02:32All Companies250 Prospect Ave.Activated alarm
06/03/2010 18:47All Companies141 Ackerman Ave.Smoke condition
06/02/2010 12:26All Companies135 E. Passaic St.Activated alarm
06/02/2010 04:48All Companies121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
05/30/2010 20:02E18738 Grant Ave.Possible transformer fire
05/30/2010 06:05All CompaniesMaywood Ave. & Central Ave.Motor vehicle accident
05/29/2010 04:57T1787 Maybrook Dr.CO alarm
05/28/2010 02:46All Companies24-30 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of gas
05/27/2010 11:13T1751 Essex St.CO alarm
05/26/2010 22:17All Companies45 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated alarm
05/26/2010 14:47T17771 Oak Ave.CO alarm
05/26/2010 05:35All Companies35 Lafayette Ave.Activated alarm
05/21/2010 11:35All Companies38 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated alarm
05/21/2010 11:10T17Rochelle Park, 96 ParkwayMutual aid
05/20/2010 16:07All Companies82 Orchard Pl.Activated alarm
05/20/2010 14:19T17Rochelle Park, 96 ParkwayMutual aid
05/20/2010 11:01All Companies248 Prospect Ave.Activated alarm
05/19/2010 23:12All Companies75 Hammel Pl.Odor of gas
05/19/2010 03:38T17Rochelle Park, Ramada InnMutual aid
05/17/2010 15:24All Companies48 W. Grove Ave.Odor of smoke
05/11/2010 19:40All Companies604 Elm St.Working house fire
05/09/2010 18:43T17ParamusMutual aid, Standby for working house fire
05/09/2010 08:42All Companies216 Cumming Ave.Activated alarm
05/09/2010 06:27All Companies841 Palmer Ave.Electrical fire
05/08/2010 18:47FPPalmer Ave. & Spring Valley Ave.Wire down
05/08/2010 17:49All Companies108 Stelling Ave.Activated alarm
05/07/2010 22:00All Companies644 Elm St.Activated alarm
05/05/2010 11:45R23246 Prospect Ave.Assist EMS with a lift
05/02/2010 04:50T17144 Thoma Ave.CO alarm
05/01/2010 16:30All Companies92 Washington Ave.CO alarm
04/28/2010 21:42All Companies105 Grove Ave.Activated alarm
04/28/2010 16:50All Companies137 Route 17 NorthActivated alarm
04/26/2010 17:48All Companies137 Washington Ave.Electrical fire
04/18/2010 02:23All Companies125 Essex St.Activated alarm
04/16/2010 09:27All Companies452 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
04/11/2010 16:32T17603 Palmer Ave.CO alarm
04/09/2010 21:26T1723 Orchard Pl.CO alarm
04/06/2010 00:00E19Jaeger Ave.Odor of gas
04/05/2010 19:14All Companies51-53 Essex St.Activated alarm
04/04/2010 12:01All Companies49 W. Central Ave.Tree fire
03/30/2010 21:59T1773 E. Fairmount Ave.CO alarm
03/30/2010 20:08T17619 Wyoming Ave.Water condition
03/30/2010 12:31All Companies44 Beech St.Odor of smoke in basement
03/30/2010 11:06All Companies139 Cedar Ave.Activated alarm
03/29/2010 20:22E1863 Lenox Ave.Odor of gas
03/29/2010 20:07All Companies53 Woodland Ave.Odor of gas
03/29/2010 10:19All Companies60 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
03/25/2010 20:15T17475 Bergen Ave.CO alarm
03/25/2010 19:38E19Maywood Ave. & Central Ave.Fluid in roadway
03/25/2010 09:58All Companies1 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
03/24/2010 05:03All Companies25 E. Spring Valley Ave.Activated alarm
03/23/2010 17:08All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
03/22/2010 23:55E18726 Wyoming Ave.Transformer fire
03/22/2010 20:24E1842 Washington Ave.Transformer fire
03/22/2010 13:14T17127 E. Passaic St.CO alarm
03/22/2010 10:38T17Rochelle Park, Ramada InnMutual aid, Activated alarm
03/19/2010 09:46T1744 Lafayette Ave.Water condition
03/17/2010 16:48E18, E19Maywood Ave. & ParkwayTruck fire
03/15/2010 22:02E1866 E. Fairmount Ave.Power line fire
03/15/2010 21:48T1751-53 Essex St.CO alarm
03/15/2010 09:35All CompaniesW. Magnolia Ave.Activated alarm
03/15/2010 03:04All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
03/14/2010 17:56All Companies159 Locust Dr.Tree fire
03/14/2010 16:03All Companies197 W. Spring Valley Ave.Water flow alarm
03/14/2010 15:58All Companies93 E. Spring Valley Ave.Activated alarm
03/14/2010 11:44E19166 Stone St.Water condition
03/14/2010 11:33E19219 Sanzari Pl.Water condition
03/14/2010 11:33E19224 Sanzari Pl.Water condition
03/14/2010 11:24E19204 Zuber Pl.Water condition
03/14/2010 11:17E19208 Zuber Pl.Water condition
03/14/2010 10:13E18Rochelle Park, 75 W. Passaic St.Mutual aid
03/14/2010 09:35All Companies61 W. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
03/14/2010 09:31E18401 Maywood Ave.Water condition
03/14/2010 09:10E18155 Lenox Ave.Water condition
03/14/2010 08:52E18730 Lincoln Ave.Water condition
03/14/2010 08:06C16680 Edel Ave.CO alarm
03/14/2010 07:08T17136 Lenox Ave.Water condition
03/14/2010 05:48T17705 Briarcliff Ave.CO alarm
03/14/2010 05:35E18780 Briarcliff Ave.Water condition
03/14/2010 05:24T17, E19709 Briarcliff Ave.Water condition
03/14/2010 04:47All Companies197 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated alarm
03/14/2010 04:46T17823 Lincoln Ave.CO alarm
03/14/2010 01:39All Companies1 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
03/13/2010 18:33All CompaniesMaywoodStorm standby
03/13/2010 17:29E18, R23680 Coles St.Tree into house
03/13/2010 11:56E19, R23193 E. Central Ave.Tree down
03/11/2010 01:10E18Lodi, Main firehouseMutual aid, Standby for a structure fire
03/10/2010 10:12All Companies15 Park Ave.Odor of smoke
03/09/2010 22:52All CompaniesE. Fairmount Ave.Odor of smoke
03/06/2010 09:58FPE. Fairmount Ave.Wire down
03/06/2010 09:54All Companies106 Washington Ave.Odor of gas
03/03/2010 21:18All Companies553 Elm St.Brush fire
03/03/2010 05:05All Companies862 Wyoming Ave.CO alarm
03/02/2010 18:07All Companies452 Maywood Ave.Unknown odor
02/28/2010 22:21T17441 Hill St.CO alarm
02/26/2010 21:29R23Rochelle Park, Route 17 SouthMutual aid
02/26/2010 19:53All CompaniesMaywoodSnow standby
02/26/2010 07:15All CompaniesMaywood Ave. & Hammel Ave.Odor of gas
02/24/2010 19:34All Companies124 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
02/22/2010 09:35All Companies15 Park Ave.Odor of smoke
02/21/2010 08:27All Companies158 Rosalie St.Activated alarm
02/20/2010 22:58T1745 Grove Ave.Assist police department
02/20/2010 18:54All Companies34 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated alarm
02/18/2010 14:40All Companies240 W. Passaic St.Activated alarm
02/18/2010 10:14T17Rochelle Park, 96 ParkwayMutual aid
02/17/2010 20:12E18578 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
02/14/2010 23:21T17477 Golf Ave.CO Alarm
02/12/2010 08:57All Companies127 E. Passaic St.Activated alarm
02/10/2010 19:30All CompaniesMaywoodClear fire hydrants
02/10/2010 10:30All CompaniesMaywoodSnow standby
02/09/2010 15:44All Companies142 W. Central Ave.Smoke condition
02/05/2010 03:02All Companies174 W. Spring Valley Ave.Smoke condition
02/03/2010 06:56T17100 Orchard Pl.CO alarm
02/01/2010 06:55E18, E19Route 17 NorthBrush fire
01/31/2010 18:07All Companies197 ParkwayWorking house fire
01/31/2010 14:04T17207 Prospect Ave.CO alarm
01/31/2010 10:10T17685 Oak Ave.CO alarm
01/26/2010 13:56All Companies215 Stone St.Activated alarm
01/25/2010 20:33All Companies137 Route 17 NorthActivated alarm
01/25/2010 14:16E1930 W. Hunter Ave.Standby in quarters
01/25/2010 14:03T17Paramus, Midland Ave.Mutual aid, Working structure fire
01/25/2010 13:06All Companies207 W. Central Ave.Activated alarm
01/25/2010 12:58E18River Edge FirehouseMutual aid, Standby
01/25/2010 10:22E18, E19151 Maywood Ave.Water flow alarm
01/25/2010 10:21E18207 W. Central Ave.Activated alarm
01/25/2010 10:14All Companies15 Park AveStandby in quarters
01/25/2010 10:09R23452 Maywood Ave.Assist police department
01/25/2010 09:15T17628 Wyoming Ave.CO Alarm
01/23/2010 09:30T1715 Park Ave.Mutual aid, Standby for Paramus
01/22/2010 08:40All Companies104 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
01/21/2010 12:46T17101 Hammel Pl.Assist police department
01/20/2010 12:53All Companies
Rochelle Park
764 Grant Ave.Activated alarm
01/19/2010 15:46All Companies200 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated alarm
01/19/2010 05:46T17Paramus, Co. 4 FirehouseMutual aid, Working structure fire
01/16/2010 10:09E18Little Ferry, Woodland Ave.Mutual aid, Working house fire
01/14/2010 18:19E18137 Lenox Ave.Assist police department
01/12/2010 15:37All Companies216 Cumming Ave.Activated alarm
01/07/2010 19:42T1799 Orchard Pl.CO alarm
01/06/2010 13:13T17Rochelle Park, Rochelle Ave.Mutual aid, Activated alarm
01/05/2010 10:19T17Rochelle Park, 96 ParkwayMutual aid, Activated alarm
01/04/2010 11:34E18Saddle Brook, John Ochs Dr.Mutual aid, Car fire
01/04/2010 10:20T17Elmwood Park, 124A Blvd.Mutual aid, House fire
01/04/2010 09:48All Companies842 Grant Ave.Activated alarm
01/02/2010 14:50All Companies93 Maybrook Dr.Smoke in an apartment
01/01/2010 15:29All Companies6 W. Passaic St.Smoking chimney
12/29/2009 18:14All Companies131 Thoma Ave.Activated alarm
12/29/2009 06:22All Companies803 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
12/28/2009 01:31All Companies404 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
12/27/2009 11:09All Companies137 Route 17 NorthActivated alarm
12/26/2009 15:23All Companies661 Palmer Ave.Activated alarm
12/25/2009 16:50All Companies717 Coles St.Activated alarm & Odor of smoke
12/24/2009 18:24E18, E19Maywood Ave. & Pleasant Ave.Car fire
12/24/2009 05:46All Companies121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
12/17/2009 13:09T17Rochelle Park, Midland SchoolMutual aid, Activated alarm
12/14/2009 14:37All Companies160 E. Central Ave.Activated alarm
12/12/2009 17:09All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Activated alarm
12/12/2009 10:54R23Rochelle Park, Pleasant Ave.Mutual aid, MVA extrication
12/09/2009 15:09T17693 Oak Ave.CO alarm
12/09/2009 08:23All CompaniesPalmer Ave. & Pleasant Ave.Water condition
12/06/2009 13:01T1725 E. Spring Vallley Ave.Elevator entrapment
12/06/2009 10:21All Companies8 Demarest Pl.Odor of gas
12/03/2009 16:19All Companies125 Essex St.Activated alarm
11/28/2009 13:56T17701 Briarcliff Ave.CO alarm
11/26/2009 21:25T17858 Felter Ave.CO alarm
11/26/2009 13:19All Companies862 Lincoln Ave.Activated alarm
11/25/2009 23:10All Companies310 Concord Dr.Odor of smoke
11/25/2009 17:49All CompaniesPleasant Ct.Activated alarm
11/25/2009 06:30All CompaniesPleasant Ct..Activated alarm
11/22/2009 15:32All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
11/21/2009 18:09All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
11/20/2009 19:56E1839 E. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
11/19/2009 05:31All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Activated alarm
11/16/2009 18:42All Companies8 Maybrook Dr.Smoke condition
11/15/2009 16:52All Companies38 E. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
11/15/2009 12:00All CompaniesMaywood Ave. & Hammell Ave.Odor of gas
11/14/2009 02:49All Companies92 Stelling Ave.Activated alarm
11/12/2009 22:35All Companies81 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
11/12/2009 15:33E18, E19Spring Valley Rd.Brush fire
11/12/2009 13:33All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
11/11/2009 22:07All Companies81 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
11/08/2009 23:51All Companies101 Essex St.Activated alarm
11/06/2009 20:18T1775 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
11/06/2009 19:43All Companies75 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
11/05/2009 23:50All Companies75 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
11/04/2009 18:16T17578 Maywood Ave.CO alarm
10/31/2009 21:44All Companies68 Park Ave.Activated alarm
10/30/2009 23:40T17Rochelle Park, 96 ParkwayMutual aid, Smoke condition
10/30/2009 20:26All Companies24 Taplin Ave.Activated alarm
10/30/2009 17:04All Companies126 ParkwayActivated alarm
10/28/2009 19:12All Companies355 Grove Ave.Stove fire
10/28/2009 13:09T17Rochelle ParkMutual aid
10/27/2009 13:51All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
10/24/2009 21:27E19Maywood Ave. & Hammell Ave.Odor of gas
10/23/2009 11:31All Companies5A Elm Ct.Odor of gas
10/22/2009 10:07E18, E19142 W. Central Ave.Leaf fire
10/22/2009 09:17E18, E19137 Route 17 NorthElectrical fire
10/21/2009 05:44E19MoonachieMutual aid, Stand by
10/20/2009 16:00E18, E19Wyoming Ave. & Spring Valley Rd.Car fire
10/18/2009 16:38E18, E1952 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of smoke
10/18/2009 07:58All Companies703 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
10/17/2009 19:39All Companies153 Rosalie St.Activated alarm
10/15/2009 21:02E18625 Briarcliff Ave.Burning wire
10/15/2009 17:35E18, E19Spring Valley Ave. & CollingwoodTransformer fire
10/13/2009 11:40All Companies145 Stewart St.Activated alarm
10/12/2009 19:26T17400 Maywood Ave.Elevator entrapment
10/11/2009 13:12E18751 Wyoming Ave.Leaf fire
10/11/2009 12:45All Companies471 Oak Ave.Activated alarm
10/05/2009 01:12R23Essex St.MVA extrication
10/02/2009 10:42T17Rochelle Park, Windsor CourtMutual aid, Activated alarm
09/28/2009 12:58All Companies45 W. Spring Valley Ave.Activated alarm
09/27/2009 12:58All Companies121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
09/20/2009 16:39All Companies216 Cumming Ave.Activated alarm
09/17/2009 16:11All Companies
Mutual aid
140 E. Spring Valley Ave.Structure fire
09/14/2009 01:00All Companies625 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
09/11/2009 19:24All Companies87 Route 17 NorthActivated alarm
09/11/2009 15:16T17Rochelle Park, Bristol ManorMutual aid, Activated alarm
09/09/2009 15:47All Companies124 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
09/03/2009 07:59All Companies216 Cumming Ave.Activated alarm
09/02/2009 07:01All Companies216 Cumming Ave.Activated alarm
08/31/2009 20:13All Companies216 Cumming Ave.Activated alarm
08/27/2009 21:17E18Mendez Ave. & Edel Ave.Odor of natural gas
08/27/2009 20:39E19Golf Ave.Odor of natural gas
08/25/2009 22:52All CompaniesPassaic & PalmerOdor of natural gas
08/25/2009 12:15All CompaniesMaywood PoolPossible chlorine vapors
08/24/2009 19:20All Companies150 E. Passaic St.Possible apartment fire
08/24/2009 08:56R2351-53 Essex St.Assist EMS with a lift
08/22/2009 15:49FPMaywood Ave. & Central Ave.Traffic duty
08/22/2009 15:08All Companies77 Grove Ave.Odor of smoke in house
08/22/2009 12:53FPSpring Valley Rd. & Spring Valley Ave.Traffic duty
08/21/2009 21:43All Companies856 Maywood AveOdor of smoke
08/21/2009 16:00E19E. Magnolia Ave.Wires down
08/12/2009 19:12T1748 E. Hunter Ave.Odor of gas
08/12/2009 16:40T17704 Oak Ave.Assist police department
08/12/2009 02:12All Companies169 E. Central Ave.Car fire
08/10/2009 16:22T17Rochelle Park, Bristol ManorMutual aid, Activated alarm
08/10/2009 14:43E18Spring Valley Rd. & Spring Valley Ave.Natural gas leak
08/06/2009 09:29T17150 E. Passaic St.Elevator entrapment
08/02/2009 17:34T1753 Park Ave.Activated alarm
08/02/2009 16:16T17733 Briarcliff Ave.Pump out
08/01/2009 10:42All Companies53 Park Ave.Activated alarm
08/01/2009 09:51FPMaywood Ave. & Central Ave.Traffic duty
08/01/2009 09:48All Companies150 E. Passaic St.General emergency
08/01/2009 09:29E19Golf Ave.Transformer fire
08/01/2009 09:29T17150 E. Passaic St.Elevator entrapment
07/30/2009 19:34All Companies608 Elm St.Activated alarm
07/29/2009 18:47T17240 Prospect Ave.CO alarm
07/29/2009 15:47T17Rochelle Park, Bristol ManorMutual aid, Activated alarm
07/29/2009 14:55All Companies110 Lenox Ave.Smoke in cellar
07/28/2009 01:52All Companies741 Maywood Ave.Possible electrical fire
07/28/2009 00:09All Companies30 W. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
07/27/2009 11:13T17Rochelle Park, Ramada InnMutual aid, Activated alarm
07/26/2009 13:29T17Rochelle ParkMutual aid
07/25/2009 21:08All Companies876 Maywood Ave.Grease pot on fire
07/23/2009 20:45T17Rochelle ParkMutual aid
07/22/2009 00:00All Companies20 E. Central Ave.Odor of gas
07/21/2009 12:32All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
07/21/2009 11:39T17733 Briarcliff Ave.Assist DPW with a pump out
07/18/2009 12:28E1842 Washington Ave.Odor of propane gas
07/15/2009 12:08All CompaniesMaywood Ave. & Magnolia Ave.Odor of natural gas
07/15/2009 01:08All Companies827 Palmer Ave.Electric wire sparking
07/14/2009 22:24All Companies22 Grove Ave.Odor of smoke
07/14/2009 09:22T17Rochelle Park, 184 Route 17 NorthMutual aid, Odor of gas
07/10/2009 14:20All Companies87 Route 17 NorthActivated alarm
07/10/2009 01:26All Companies346 Duvier Pl.Fire in yard
07/09/2009 22:11All Companies119 E. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
07/09/2009 13:42T17Rochelle Park, Ramada InnMutual aid, Smoke condition
07/09/2009 12:15E19Maywood PoolActivated alarm
07/09/2009 12:02All CompaniesMaywood PoolActivated alarm
07/08/2009 16:53All Companies121 E. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
07/08/2009 12:08T17131 Romaine Ave.CO alarm
07/07/2009 19:47All Companies90 E. Fairmount Ave.Dryer fire
07/07/2009 02:54T17Rochelle ParkMutual aid
07/06/2009 15:50R23Rochelle ParkMutual aid, MVA extrication
07/05/2009 00:30All Companies404 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
07/04/2009 20:50R23162 E. Fairmount Ave.Assist EMS with a lift
07/02/2009 11:59All Companies661 Elm St.Activated alarm
07/02/2009 11:33All Companies578 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
07/01/2009 15:52All Companies127 Lenox Ave.Activated alarm
07/01/2009 13:36All Companies49 Grove Ave.Activated alarm
07/01/2009 06:03All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
06/30/2009 17:15All Companies151 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
06/29/2009 12:41All Companies125 W. Pleasant Ave.Odor of natural gas
06/27/2009 17:45All Companies216 Cumming Ave.Activated alarm
06/25/2009 22:47All Companies116 W. Central Ave.Possible ceiling fan fire
06/25/2009 20:46All Companies216 Cumming Ave.Activated alarm
06/23/2009 22:42All CompaniesLodiMutual aid, Request for relief crew
06/23/2009 17:32E19LodiMutual aid, Standby in hdqrs.
06/19/2009 03:30All Companies132 Beech St.Possible electrical fire
06/18/2009 15:39E18, E1915 Park Ave.Trouble alarm
06/18/2009 12:02All Companies24-34 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
06/17/2009 06:32All Companies423 Esplanade.Activated alarm
06/16/2009 22:07All Companies476 Latham St.Odor of natural gas
06/15/2009 00:01All Companies53 E. Fairmount Ave.Odor of smoke
06/12/2009 11:32R23727 Palmer Ave.Assist EMS with a lift
06/11/2009 20:41T1799 Grove Ave.CO alarm
06/11/2009 15:07All Companies25 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
06/07/2009 14:05All Companies24-28 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
06/06/2009 18:30All Companies137 Route 17 NorthActivated alarm
06/06/2009 16:09All Companies115 E. Passaic St.Possible electrical fire
06/06/2009 13:02All Companies75 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
06/04/2009 14:45E19LodiHouse fire
06/02/2009 12:03E1930 W. Hunter Ave.Truck into a pole
05/30/2009 18:16All Companies83 Route 17 NorthActivated alarm
05/29/2009 14:58All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Water flow alarm
05/28/2009 00:13E18W. Passaic Ave. & Latham St.Odor of natural gas
05/25/2009 04:14All Companies748 Oak Ave.Odor of smoke
05/22/2009 12:52T177 Buckingham Ct.CO alarm
05/21/2009 14:54All Companies187 Route 17 NorthActivated alarm
05/20/2009 10:11All Companies65 Hammell Pl.Activated alarm
05/20/2009 02:55T1729 W. Passaic St.CO alarm
05/18/2009 10:47All Companies823 Palmer Ave.Odor of gas
05/16/2009 19:30All CompaniesBergen Town CenterCar leaking gasoline
05/15/2009 06:47T17ParamusMutual aid, Stand by
05/13/2009 14:47T17ParamusMutual aid, House fire
05/11/2009 23:33All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
05/10/2009 02:00T1732 E. Fairmount Ave.CO alarm
05/09/2009 16:16E18LodiMutual aid
05/05/2009 20:19All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Water flow alarm
05/04/2009 09:50All Companies216 Cumming Ave.Activated alarm
05/03/2009 11:15All Companies553 Elm St.CO alarm
05/02/2009 22:18R2315 Park Ave.Odor of smoke
05/02/2009 19:54R23727 Palmer AveAssist EMS with a lift
05/02/2009 08:13E19Maywood PoolLeaf fire
04/30/2009 13:32All Companies888 Maywood Ave.Assist police department
04/28/2009 12:02E18, E19Maywood Ave. & Pleasant Ave.Car fire
04/23/2009 13:33All Companies248-250 Prospect Ave.Activated alarm
04/23/2009 11:58All Companies701 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
04/23/2009 06:42All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated alarm
04/21/2009 16:52E18, E19Route 17 NorthMotor vehicle accident
04/21/2009 11:42All Companies337 Concord Dr.Activated alarm
04/20/2009 16:47All Companies112 E. Central Ave.House fire
04/20/2009 15:12T17Rochelle ParkMutual aid
04/19/2009 01:58All Companies220 Maywood Ave.House fire
04/16/2009 15:00All Companies104 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
04/16/2009 14:17All Companies738 Lincoln Ave.Activated alarm
04/14/2009 18:27R23727 Palmer Ave.Assist EMS with a lift
04/10/2009 10:29All CompaniesBorg's WoodsMissing person search
04/03/2009 17:36All Companies87 Route 17 NorthActivated alarm
04/02/2009 19:02All Companies104 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
04/02/2009 02:32T17301 EsplanadeCO alarm
03/31/2009 19:02R23727 Palmer Ave.Assist EMS with a lift
03/31/2009 11:47T17Rochelle Park, Ramada InnMutual aid, Activated alarm
03/27/2009 17:29All Companies789 Maywood Ave.Audible fire alarm
03/27/2009 16:08All Companies721 Briarcliff Ave.Activated alarm
03/27/2009 13:49T1722 Terrace Ave.CO alarm
03/26/2009 18:39All Companies65 W. Passaic St.Activated alarm
03/26/2009 08:33T17Rochelle Park, 75 W. Passaic St.Mutual aid, Smoke on 7th floor
03/21/2009 13:37All Companies100 W. Magnolia Ave.Activated alarm, lobby smoke detector
03/20/2009 08:18All Companies661 Palmer Ave.Activated alarm
03/18/2009 17:01E18, E19E. Spring Valley Ave. & Paterson Ave.Fuel spill
03/14/2009 22:43All Companies157 Van Cleve St.Odor of smoke
03/09/2009 17:48All Companies112 E. Spring Valley Ave.Dryer fire
03/09/2009 15:33T17Rochelle ParkMutual aid
03/07/2009 12:55T17747 Wyoming Ave.CO alarm
03/07/2009 05:46E19SearsCar fire
03/06/2009 14:20All Companies228 Maywood Ave.Odor of gas
02/27/2009 10:05T17Rochelle ParkMutual aid
02/25/2009 16:18E18HackensackMutual aid
02/21/2009 02:35All Companies50 Belle Ave.Activated alarm
02/17/2009 12:55All Companies25 W. Pleasant AveActivated alarm
02/15/2009 08:07All CompaniesRedeemer ChurchCO alarm
02/14/2009 11:07All Companies468 Latham St.Odor of gas
02/13/2009 11:36T17Rochelle ParkMutual aid
02/12/2009 18:30All Companies25 E. Spring Valley Ave.Odor of something burning
02/12/2009 15:33R23Rochelle Park, Route 17Mutual aid, MVA extrication
02/12/2009 08:35E19, FPAckerman Ave.Wires down
02/12/2009 08:17E19, FP63 Maywood Ave.Wires down
02/10/2009 16:01T17401 W. Central Ave.Water in basement
02/09/2009 14:03T17Rochelle ParkHeater fire
02/04/2009 11:46T1714 Pleasant Ct.CO alarm
02/04/2009 08:53T17Rochelle ParkSmoke in building
02/03/2009 20:05T171 Elizabeth Ct.CO alarm
02/02/2009 10:46All Companies
Mutual aid
243-247 W. Passaic St.Smoke in building
02/02/2009 09:00T17647 Lincoln Ave.Water in basement
02/01/2009 22:50All CompaniesConcord Dr.Odor of smoke
01/27/2009 12:53T17113 W. Essex St.Trouble alarm
01/26/2009 06:04All Companies65 Thoma Ave.Smoke in basement
01/25/2009 07:23All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
01/25/2009 06:27T17Rochelle ParkMutual aid
01/24/2009 18:13T17, E1995 Essex St.Water condition
01/23/2009 23:19All Companies100 W. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
01/23/2009 18:00E18ParamusMutual aid, Standby Co. 4 Firehouse
01/22/2009 20:09All Companies127 E. Passaic St.Activated alarm
01/22/2009 15:26T17Rochelle Park, 375 W. Passaic St.Mutual aid
01/22/2009 07:25T17342 Golf Ave.CO alarm
01/20/2009 22:56All Companies205 E. Hunter Ave.Activated alarm
01/18/2009 18:22All Companies113 W. Essex St.Activated alarm
01/18/2009 11:40All Companies333 Golf Ave.Smoke condition
01/18/2009 01:47All Companies
Mutual aid
332 Golf Ave.House fire
01/17/2009 09:47All Companies146 Locust Ave.CO alarm
01/16/2009 08:47All Companies653 Wyoming Ave.Coffee maker on fire
01/14/2009 15:00T17Rochelle ParkMutual aid
01/13/2009 21:29All Companies81 W. Pleasant Ave.Activated alarm
01/11/2009 13:45T17371 Golf Ave.CO alarm
01/10/2009 08:39All Companies43 W. Pleasant Ave.Smoke in basement
01/10/2009 06:32E18HackensackMutual aid, Standby at Central Ave.
01/09/2009 15:57All Companies133 Hartwich St.Odor of kerosene
01/09/2009 15:39All Companies126 Hartwich St.Activated alarm
01/09/2009 08:11T17Rochelle Park, 96 ParkwayMutual aid, Smoke condition
01/06/2009 13:21All Companies127 E. Passaic St.Activated alarm
01/05/2009 16:15All Companies527 Palmer Ave.Odor of gas
01/05/2009 13:16All Companies452 Maywood Ave.Activated alarm
01/04/2009 01:07T17168 W. Passaic St.Burst pipe
01/02/2009 20:33T17837 Palmer Ave.Water condition
01/02/2009 18:00All Companies56 Demarest Pl.Activated alarm
01/01/2009 13:49T17665 Wyoming Ave.CO alarm
01/01/2009 10:38T17181 Central Ave.Water in basement